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Applying for Admission

MA in English

Student qualifications for admission are outlined below under ‘Admission Requirements’. Applications for admission will be accepted up to the deadline dates set by the College of Graduate Studies (generally end of January), although in exceptional cases, late applications may be considered, but no later than April 30.

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Admission Requirements

Applicants to the MA in English program are expected to have a B.A. degree in English. Applicants are expected to have a standing of a B+ (76%) average or better in their third and fourth year classes or at least twelve credits in third and fourth year English classes with an A- (80%) or better average. For applicants for whom English is not a native language, minimum acceptable TOEFL scores are 580 (paper), 86 (internet). These are minimum guidelines and the College of Graduate Studies cannot guarantee that a student with less than an A- average will be admitted into the program. Further, a student cannot be admitted into the program if a suitable supervisor is not available.

At the discretion of the Critical Studies Graduate Committee, a student who does not meet the minimal requirements, but who has a strong undergraduate record, may be allowed to take a qualifying term in the MA program. The student’s admission will be assessed at the end of the qualifying term to ascertain whether the student can enter the MA English program.

Application packages will consist of the following:

  • Completed UBC Okanagan, College of Graduate Studies application and supplemental application form (MA in English version for the latter)
  • One copy of official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended by applicant
  • Writing sample of at least 2000 words from an upper level undergraduate course
  • Curriculum vitae (optional)
  • Application fee
  • Three confidential letters of recommendation that speak to the student’s undergraduate record.

Review of Candidates

All complete applications will be reviewed by the Critical Studies Graduate Committee. Admission decisions will be based on each candidate’s statement of intent academic record, writing sample, letters of recommendation, competitiveness with other candidates, and overall scholarly potential. Consideration will also be given to the ability of the program’s current faculty to support the student’s proposed research interests. All candidates recommended for acceptance will possess a recommended supervisor which aligns with his or her stated area of interest for the independent research paper or thesis. The approved applications will be forwarded to the UBC Okanagan College of Graduate Studies for final approval.

Although students may take a full two years to complete the program, the combination of course work and Independent Research Paper is designed to facilitate a one-year completion period expected by many students wishing to go on to doctoral studies after the MA. The Critical Studies Graduate Program will also accept students wishing to study on a part-time basis, but for those students, the five-year limit on the completion date will apply. Students wishing to complete their MA within one year will fulfill the requirement for 21 credits of course work during the first eight months of the program and complete their Independent Research Paper during the four months of the summer term. Students electing to extend their studies into the second year will have the option of taking one or more courses during the second year sa well as completing the Independent Research Paper in the second year. In all cases, each student’s progress through the program will be reviewed annually in June to ensure satisfactory progress is made.

Credit Transfers to and from Other Institutions

Requests for Transfer of Credits from Other Institutions

The English Graduate Committee will examine post-graduate courses taken elsewhere to determine whether they may be used as credits in our program. Such requests for credit will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Critical Studies Graduate Committee and the College of Graduate Studies to ensure that the student's program of study includes all of the required methodology and theory courses, satisfies all of the degree requirements, and reflects this program’s commitment to interdisciplinarity.

Transfers of Credits to Other Institutions

We will follow university policy in providing information on the courses we offer so that other institutions can determine whether to award students credit for these courses.

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