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English 520 Series

(3 are required)

The following courses will be taught based on faculty research interests and expertise. They will be offered on the basis of faculty rotation. We will offer at least four per year and content will change annually.All courses will align with the following rubric.

ENGL 521: Topics in Historical Periods and Movements

ENGL 522: Topics in Genre Studies

ENGL 523: Topics in National/International Literatures and Culture

ENGL 524: Individual Author Studies

ENGL 525: Studies in Diversity and Identity

Possible electives (in addition to thethree required English 520 courses) include those offered by Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies, specifically IGS courses in the 530s—which are Special Topics courses offered through IGS and taught by the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies. These courses cover a broad range of cultural objects, from literature of France, to narratives of the Japanese during World War II, to films of the Global South; hence, these courses are deemed suitable for the student of English literature. Such electives cannot be taken by the thesis option MA in English student.

Directed Reading Courses

Graduate students are expected to enroll in the courses offered. Under exceptional circumstances, a graduate student may apply to take a Directed Reading course. A student wishing to do so is required to seek agreement from a faculty member able to supervise the course and obtain approval from the Critical Studies Graduate Committee.

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