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Program Timelines and Progression

1. Masters Coursework Option

During the 1st term of study, students entering the program should expect the following:

  • to complete 3-4 of their course requirements.
  • to find a suitable supervisor for their independent research paper.

to prepare their written proposal (with the guidance of the supervisor) for the independent research paper for submission to theCritical Studies GraduateCoordinator by February 21st of their second term.

During the 2nd term, students should expect:

  • to complete 3-4 of their remaining course requirements.
  • tosubmit their independent research paper proposal to the Critical Studies Graduate Coordinator.
  • to present at the English Graduate Colloquium (See ENGL 503).

During the 3rd term, students should expect:

  • to complete any outstanding coursework in English or in other Graduate Summer programming (Max 3 credits recommended).
  • to complete independent research paper and submit, by no later than August 1.
  • to receive written notice from their Supervisor and Second Reader if corrections arerequired and to resubmit.
  • to submit final copy of independent research paper by August22 to qualify forfall graduation.

2. Masters Thesis Option

The thesis option student will progress as the coursework student, with the same expectations as the coursework MA, excepting the following:

  • The student will submit a 1500 word proposal and a substantial bibliography for the thesis by the first day of the fourth month of the first term of study, which will be approved by the student's Supervisory Committee and the Critical Studies Graduate Coordinator.
  • The thesis student will complete all the requirements of the course work option, with the following exceptions:
    • 6 rather than 7 courses, including all mandatory courses
    • The thesis (15,000 to 20,000 words) must be submitted two months prior to the end of the term in which the student wishes to graduate (i.e., July 1, forfall graduation).
    • A thesis defense will occur within 6 weeks of thesis submission.

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