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Many Cultural Studies majors have studied abroad through the UBC Go Global International Learning Program. The Go Global program offers students the opportunity to study Cultural Studies in programs all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, United States, Korea, South Korea, South Africa, or England.

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Below is a list of some of the universities that partner with UBC for the Go Global program. These universities offer programs in Cultural Studies or programs related to Cultural Studies. There are likely more universities that offer programs with courses that you could apply to the Cultural Studies degree, so this list is not comprehensive and may not be up-to-date. Please use the database of universities on the UBC Go Global website to confirm program options.


Australian National University

Gender and Cultural Studies –
Bringing together diverse disciplines, methodologies and approaches, the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies seeks to be at the forefront of efforts to improve knowledge and understanding of the social dynamics in the regions of Asia and the Pacific.

Macquarie University
Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies -

Courses Offered.
The Cultural Studies major examines culture in its forms and practices, exposing the everyday practices, relations and objects that shape our world. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of how we make cultural meaning and investigate the social and political dimensions of culture.

University of Melbourne

School of Culture and Communication – Screen and Cultural Studies –

Screen and Cultural Studies is a dynamic, rapidly evolving field characterised by a dual concern with contemporary screen media on the one hand, and critical approaches to interpreting everyday culture, on the other. As a program, our aim is to help students master the critical tools necessary to gain a sophisticated understanding of the hyper-mediatised, globally interconnected world of the early twenty-first century. Key foci include the study of global popular media and screen culture; Australian, Asian, Hollywood, and art house cinema; social theory for the analysis of everyday life in contemporary commodity culture; television and computer games; internet cultures and the impact of entertainment media on the urban environment

The University of Queensland
Bachelor of Communication – Media, Communication, and Culture
Bachelor of Media Studies -
Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies -
Both the majors aim to give students an understanding of the background and workings of a wide range of media industries and the press, magazines, advertising, radio, television and new media. They also consider how communication operates and the everyday cultures within which this happens.

University Of Sydney
Department of Gender and Cultural Studies
The Department of Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney is the leading centre for research into culture and gender in Australia. Renowned internationally for interdisciplinary research and teaching in cultural studies, the Department has some of Australia's foremost academics and theorists in Cultural Studies on staff, drawing on a wide range of humanities and social science disciplines for their research and teaching.

The University of Western Australia
Department of English and Cultural Studies
School of Social and Cultural Studies
This major includes units in the literary history of Britain, America, Australia and postcolonial societies; creative writing and theatre; popular culture and film; and critical theory. The emphasis is on developing an understanding of how we communicate and of diverse forms of representation across time, culture, and media.

University of Wollongong

Media and Cultural Studies -

Media and Cultural Studies at Wollongong is an innovative and interdisciplinary program, focusing on the development of advanced skills in media and cultural analysis and research. Topics include how the media industries frame political issues such as global warming, how new participatory media are changing the way audiences and producers work together, and how cultural meanings shape the design and development of everyday objects


Danish Institute for Study Abroad

Semester/Summer Students – Media and Communication Program

In the Communication & Media program courses are taught by Danish professionals to provide real-life insight that can be transferred from the classroom to the communication and media profession. Whether your interest lies in social media, public relations, or reporting for an online audience, these courses are designed for you to enhance your international communication skills and gain a European perspective in communication.

University of Copenhagen

Department of Arts and Cultural Studies – BA/MA

The Department of Arts and Cultural Studies aims at offering research, education and general information of high quality in a manner which contributes to discussion and elaboration of traditional disciplines of culture and aesthetics. The department is home to international research and higher education from BA level to PhD level regarding all major art forms.


Sciences Po Paris

Art Workshops – Terms 1 and 2 – Some media/culture courses in both French and English

Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III

Department of Cultural Mediation – In French/Some English Courses

The training is centered on a strong knowledge of the cultural field: arts, art history, aesthetics, sociology and economics of the arts and culture, general culture, and on the acquisition of necessary tools in leadership and management of institutions or cultural events:

Department of Cinema and Audiovisual Media – Some English Courses offered

Various Media/Film BA and MA offered

This degree provides students with both academic training in literature, language and Latin and, in parallel, formal training in history and aesthetics of cinema and audiovisual sectors. It prepares students business mediation and cultural management


University of Freiburg

Major in Media Cultural Studies – BA/MA

The BA program "Media Cultural Studies" offers students a theoretical and historical foundation, without which a reflection of the changing role of media in modern society is not possible. In addition, media technology and media practice will be taught.

University Bonn

Department of Media Studies – BA/MA

University of Koln (Cologne)

Department of Media Cultural Studies

Cultures and Societies of Asia Program


The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Department of Cultural & Religious Studies

We have a broad range of interests. Through close readings of various texts, including films, literature, theatrical performances, popular music, advertisements, space and even the Web, we analyse a diverse range of issues and topics that are related to contemporary culture, such as travel, body politics, modernity, the city, gender, technoscience, consumer culture, visual culture, youth culture, globalisation and cultural policy. We also work closely with the Religious Studies programme to offer a range of courses in culture and religion. In general, we study both elite and popular cultures critically, and our programme cultivates in students an acute cultural sensibility-expertise that is highly valued by many professional sectors of contemporary society.

University of Hong Kong

Department of Cross- Cultural Studies in English – BA/MA

Cross-Cultural Studies in English (CSIE) is a specialised programme in the School of English. It is designed to provide opportunities for students to study cross-cultural examples in literary and cultural history. Topics pursued include the relationship between culture and politics; the study of literature and culture beyond national, regional, and disciplinary boundaries; the politics of knowledge production, circulation, and institutionalization.


University of Iceland

Faculty of Icelandic and Cultural Studies – BA/MA

School of Humanities has a lot to offer both exchange and regular international students. One of the main attractions for international students is the studies that are unique to Iceland. Comparative Literature offers students training in reading and interpreting Western literature, and literature from other parts of the world. Furthermore, modules on theatre studies are available, and close connections with the programmes in Cultural Studies and Film Studies; the latter now being available as a major. Programmes in Art History provide students with knowledge on the history of visual arts and train them in analysing and interpreting works of visual art and other visual material.


University of Bologna

Department of Communication Sciences

Cultural Studies related courses


Aoyama Gakuin University

School of Creative and Cultural Studies – BA/MA

In today's world, the type of people who are sought are those who understand art and culture, and who can strategically produce and manage these fields. In this School, students study various social science courses, such as cultural policy and management (policy management area), which affect the workplaces of culture and art, various courses for a comprehensive understanding of art/culture and society (cultural area) and various courses on thought and information (perspective area), which form the backbone of the program.

Sophia University

Faculty of Liberal Arts – Social Studies Major (Culture/Media courses offered)

Faculty of Liberal Arts- Comparative Culture Major

The Social Studies Major provides students with historical, comparative, and theoretical insights into the processes that constitute civilizations and social orders. Courses consider how particular societies and cultures have changed over time, patterns of similarity and difference across events and places, and how these patterns and processes have been interpreted and depicted in popular and scholarly imagination

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Culture and Literary Studies Program

The course of study offers classes in a wide range of fields, including thought, culture, philosophy, literature, religious studies, psychology, anthropology, and human sciences. These branches of learning may sound old-fashioned or formal, but they are scientific methods students use to study human beings. In this course of study, students do not simply study literary and artistic works. Other effective targets of research are movies and TV commercials, as well as sports events like the Olympics and the World Cup soccer tournament.

University of Tsukuba

College of Comparative Culture – School of Humanities and Culture (Some courses offered in English)

The College of Comparative Culture consists of three major disciplines: Literature, Area Studies, and Thought. Under each of these disciplines, a number of specific minor areas are organized as shown below. Each of these educational programs makes much account of an integrated, interdisciplinary, comparative point of view. Therefore, this College welcomes earnest students with sharp insights, flexible ideas, and a vigorous interest in modern society and its cultures.


Korea University

School of Media and Communication - BA/MA
The School of Media and Communication has become an incubator of talent due to its effective pedagogy that integrates theory and practice. Its curriculum includes a wide range of courses from fundamental theoretical subjects such as ‘History of Korean Journalism’ and ‘Theory of Mass Communication’ to practical courses including ‘Field Practice of Mass Communication Media’, ‘Advertisement Practice’ and ‘Broadcast Practice’.

Yonsei University - International website

Comparative Literature and Culture Program

The Comparative Literature and Culture (CLC) major is designed to engage students in the basic principles of reading and understanding literature, as well as to provide students with literacy in global cultures. The “reading” of literature will draw upon historical and contemporary literatures, and emphasize how literature can be a medium through which cultural and social diversity can be represented. Students will be able to take courses that offer specific national or historical-based literatures, as well as courses in comparative cultural studies.


University of Las Americas Pueblas

Humanities and Cultural Studies Program - BA

As a professional in Humanities and Cultural Studies, you will have a broad and solid training in humanistic areas, such as philosophy, art history, literature, music, dance and theater. Additionally, you will nourish an interest for general culture in order to understand the main philosophical movements, as well as the different art and literary works which are a result of human development through history.


Maastricht University

Arts and Culture Program – BA

The backbone of the Arts and Culture programme is its interdisciplinary approach. In small tutorial groups, you will examine the most important themes of modern culture from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. You will learn to understand the often conflicting issues that influence social and cultural debates. The analytical skills you develop will allow you to systematically examine social norms and themes in their cultural and historical context.

University of Amsterdam

Media, and Culture Program – Faculty of Humanities


University of Auckland

Film, Television, and Media Studies Program – BA

Film, television and media play a central role in all aspects of contemporary society, from art, sport and politics to entertainment, education and marketing. In Film, Television and Media Studies you can engage directly with these media, looking at questions of aesthetics, content, institutional organisation, audiences, social relevance, technology, and production techniques. An informed knowledge and critical understanding of these media will give you invaluable insights into the ways in which we communicate, represent and reflect on ourselves and our world.

University of Canterbury

Department of Cultural Studies

In Cultural Studies, 'culture' is understood very broadly, but with a strong emphasis on local everyday life. Cultural Studies does not follow traditional distinctions between 'high' and 'low' culture; a Radiohead video becomes a significant cultural text alongside, say, a classical opera. Cultural Studies looks at many cultural forms which have often been ignored by universities: advertising, media, music, fashion, sport and leisure are shown to be extremely powerful political forces in shaping our societies and our identities.

University of Otago

Department of Media, Film, and Communication

Film and Media Studies focuses on the historical, aesthetic, cultural and social significance of cinema, television and new visual technologies and their interconnections. It is concerned with the teaching of visual literacy as it applies to moving images since the advent of modernity and beyond, and looks both at dominant practices (Hollywood cinema, global media, mass-entertainment), and alternative practices (art cinema, the avant-garde and local and indigenous media


University of Warsaw

Cultural Studies Program – List of programs


National University of Singapore

21 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119077

Communications and New Media Program

Communications and New Media (CNM) is a multi-disciplinary department with international faculty specialising in media studies, interactive design and communication management. It is one of the most popular courses in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences today. Through innovative methodologies involving new media and experiential learning, students gain exposure through international and local competitions, exhibitions, service-based projects collaborating with external clients, internships, student exchanges and interactions with industry practitioners.


University of Cape Town

Department of Film & Media Studies

The Centre for Film & Media Studies (CFMS) is the newest department in the Faculty of Humanities and is fast becoming one of the largest. The CFMS offers two majors and programmes in Film and Media Production:
The major in Film Studies: this major offers a thorough grounding in the history, theory and analysis of film, especially narrative film. We also encourage creativity through storyboarding and scriptwriting.
The major in Media & Writing: this major weaves together theory and analysis of broadcast and print media with extensive creative practice.


University of Santiago de Compostela

Degree in Humanities – (Media and Literature courses offered)


Lund University

Cultural Studies – BA/MA courses offered

Media and Communication Studies – BA/MA

List of Courses – both BA/MA


University of Lausanne

Bachelor of Arts – Media/Film/English courses


Koc University

Department of Media and Visual Culture

The current growth of media technologies promises a wide range of possibilities for the creative industry. Global markets have been focusing on 8 core areas for the growth of the creative industry: (1) Design, (2) Film Production, (3) Music, (4) Moving and Interactive Media, (5) Computer Games, (6) Advertising, (7) Gastronomy, and (8) Tourism. Taking these trends into consideration, the undergraduate program at Media and Visual Arts Department at Koç University aims to train professionals for the media component of the creative industry by providing an education that focuses on (1) theoretical studies, (2) creative practice, (3) management skills.

Department of English Language and Comparitive Literature – Global/World Lit courses offered


Cardiff University

Department of Journalism, Media, and Cultural Studies – BA/MA

Our degree in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies is challenging and academic. Its emphasis is on taking an essential part of modern life, the media, and enabling you, in studying its many forms, to develop your ability to think coherently, discuss competing theories with confidence, and write cogently. The BA in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies is a three-year, full time, modular and semesterised scheme. This means: Your work is arranged in modules, or separate teaching and learning units for which you will normally receive 20 credits each, within two periods of time each year known as semesters.

Lancaster University

Department of Media and Cultural Studies

This is a highly successful and cutting edge degree programme where we explore the ways in which our identities, values and beliefs are shaped by the media we engage with and the culture in which we live. Within the core courses there is a particular emphasis on popular cultural forms and practices and there is a wide selection of option courses in the second and third year. Courses are taught by members of staff who are actively researching in these areas. Topics and themes studied include: celebrity culture, advertising, global media, identity, virtual cultures and digital media, consumer culture, body-image, war and terror, television and news media.

University of Aberdeen

Department of Literature in a World Context – BA

Literature in a World Context is a unique undergraduate programme, unlike any offered by other universities in the UK. It is based on an innovative conception of literary studies that incorporates cross-disciplinary reflection at its core, focussing on the study of literature in the age of globalisation and new media. You will study literary works of world renown in the context of new developments in visual culture and information technologies, new understandings of the political at the national and international levels, and within the framework of intellectual history. If you are interested in thinking about how literature shapes and challenges our understanding of world historical events, then this is the ideal programme for you

Department of Film and Visual Culture – Some media related courses offered - BA

The study of cinema explores the most vital medium of the twentieth century, taking account both of the nature of film as an art-form, and of the cultural contexts in which films are produced. By making connections between global communications, new technologies, international politics and aesthetic practices, Film and Visual Culture aims to develop an awareness of how media affect pressing questions of contemporary life

University of East Anglia

Society, Culture and Media – BA offered,-culture-and-media#overview

UEA has now become a major academic centre for the study of culture and media, and this innovative programme, introduced in September 2002, brings together research and teaching expertise in sociology, socio-linguistics, film and television studies and political science. You will study core units such as Culture and Society and those that develop research skills but you will also be able to choose from a range of options including units such as, Cinema since 1960, Constructing the News, Consumer Cultures, Contemporary Social Identities, Discourse Analysis, Economics of Film and TV, European Media: News and Documentary, Interpreting Modernity, Introduction to European Cinema, Key issues in film studies, Language and Politics, Politics and Mass Media, Politics and Popular Culture, Sociology of the Body, Visual Culture and Television sitcom.

Culture, Literature, and Politics – BA offered

This degree, taught jointly with UEA's world-renowned teachers of English literature, allows you to combine the study of literature with the study of its social and political context. This programme gives you the opportunity to study in detail and in depth the ways in which society and its forms of expression are linked. Drawing from a wide range of optional modules in both Politics and English you will be able to explore questions such as: How are political events and tensions reflected in literary texts and influenced by literary developments? How do literature and culture influence or underpin the political world? Among the individual units that you may be able to take are: Consumer Cultures , Culture and Society, Modernist Fiction, Critiques of Culture, Literary Theory and Practice, Literature and Film as Philosophy, Politics and Mass Media, Constructing the News, European Media and the EU, Media and Cultural Theory, Politics of the USA, and many more.

University of Glasgow

School of Culture and Creative Arts – BA/MA offered

Film and Television Studies – BA

You will analyse films and television programmes and will also develop an understanding of film and television as an art form, an industry and a cultural commodity. Initially, you will be introduced to techniques of film and television analysis, aspects of film and television theory and the changing structures of cinema and television as industries. In second year you will extend this study with more specific topics, including detailed consideration of issues of spectatorship, identity, aesthetics and film and television historiography.

University of Nottingham

Department of Culture, Film, and Media – BA/MA

Our research is innovative and at the forefront of new developments in theory and analysis of modern culture. Research and research supervision in Film and Television Studies is mainly focussed on US film and television, Hollywood Studies, East Asian and global cinema, new media, industrial and audience analysis, and film and television history. Research and supervision in Cultural Studies and Media covers cultural history, cultural policy, visual culture, material culture lifestyle, diaspora, propaganda, war and mass media.

University of Sussex

Department of Cultural Studies – BA/MA

From soap opera to grand opera, from celebrity lifestyle to our own social life, we are shaped by the culture we consume. Studying Culture is about understanding the often complex way our everyday life is constructed, and at Sussex, you will find an exciting and challenging opportunity to join a long and distinguished history of cultural debate in this area. Our lecturers bring a wealth of expertise and cutting edge thinking from departments across the University, such as Anthropology, Art History, Media and Film Studies, Music, Geography and Sociology. In these centres of excellence in teaching and research, you will be taught by the most innovative as well as the most rigorous researchers in their fields.

Department of Media Studies – BA

This is a broad-based degree enabling you to engage with the complexity of contemporary media culture and communication. It brings together critical perspectives from across the arts and social sciences to provide a comprehensive understanding of the history, meanings, politics, practices and pleasures of the media in all their variety. It includes opportunities to make media as an integrated part of developing a critical understanding of how the media work.
You’ll begin with foundation courses that give you tools to question and investigate the range of media in terms of technologies, institutions, forms, audiences and influence, as well as practical courses concentrating on video, sound, photography or digital media.

School of Media, Film, and Music

Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies


University of California

Berkeley Campus

Department of Media Studies – BA

Our faculty come from a variety of disciplines, bringing the perspectives and methods of their fields to bear on the analysis of the mass media. Ours is not a pre-professional course of study, but a liberal arts discipline that weds traditions from communications, anthropology, sociology, political science, and journalism with contemporary critical and cultural studies theory to analyze and assess the role and impact of media in contemporary society.

Davis Campus

Department of Cinema and Technocultural Studies – BA

The Cinema and Technocultural Studies (CaTS) program combines the study of audio-visual and digital media, theories about such media, and the relevant modes of artistic practice and production. CaTS thus integrates the analysis of audio-visual and digital texts with their theoretical underpinnings and their methods of production. The program also addresses the particular impact that technology has on culture in its many forms and fields. Current fields for teaching and research in CaTS include the history and analysis of film and video, film and video production, electronic music, digital content creation and design, the digital arts, community media and activism, animation, and photography -- as well as the theories and politics of these various areas

Irvine Campus

Department of Comparative Literature – Global/Literature courses offered

Department of Film and Media Studies – BA/MA

The course work for the B.A. degree program trains students to read and understand audio-visual languages of modern media and new technologies and to analyze images from socioeconomic, political, aesthetic, and historical perspectives. Learning these critical viewing skills involves new ways of seeing. The Department of Film and Media Studies familiarizes students with the history, theory, and art of cinema, broadcast media, digital media, and other media. Courses focus on a range of topics, including directors, period styles, genres, national cinemas, the history and criticism of radio, television, sound theory and popular music, and developments in new media and digital technologies

Department of Global Cultures – BA

Launched in 2002, Global Cultures is an innovative undergraduate major (and minor) in the School of Humanities with an exciting mission: to explore the problems and processes of globalization from a humanistic perspective. The major equips our students with twenty-first-century analytical skills and knowledge that is critical to understanding the complexities of the diverse world in which we live.

Riverside Campus

Department of Media and Cultural Studies - BA

The Film and Visual Culture major provides an interdisciplinary examination of film, video, television, and visual culture with a primary emphasis on history and theory and a secondary focus on production. The major consists of three curricular tracks: film and visual media; film, literature, and culture; and ethnography, documentary, and visual culture.

University of Connecticut

Literatures, Cultures, and Languages Program

Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies (CLCS) is for students who like literature but do not wish to major in English or in a single language offered by the Department of Literatures, Cultures & Languages. It is an individualized major in Literature itself, and students take courses in any or all of the above literatures, as well as in related areas such as film studies, literary and cultural theory, history, anthropology, sociology, etc.

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