English Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Who Teach English Courses

  • Program Coordinator: Lisa Grekul - Canadian literatures, diaspora literatures and theory
  • Anderson Araujo - Transnational Modernism, First World War Poetry, Twentieth-Century British and Irish Literature
  • Jodey Castricano - 19th century studies (Gothic Studies, Psychoanalysis (Freud/Jung)) Critical Animal Studies, Ecofeminism, Critical Theory
  • Constance Crompton - Digital Humanities, Victorian popular and visual culture, queer history, and scholarly editing
  • Greg Garrard - Ecocriticism, contemporary environmental writing, critical animal studies 
  • George Grinnell – Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Romanticism
  • Jennifer Gustar – Contemporary British Literature, UK Transculturalism, Gender and Contemporary Literature, Literature of South Asia and the Diaspora
  • Allison Hargreaves - Indigenous Literature & Theory, Indigenous Feminisms, Settler Studies
  • Melissa Jacques - Literary Studies and Practices
  • David Jefferess - Postcolonial Studies, Globalization, Anti-Oppression
  • Daniel Keyes - Film, Television, Critical Whiteness Studies 
  • Sean Lawrence - Shakespeare, canonical literature and twentieth-century French philosophy
  • Marie Loughlin - Sixteenth-century poetry and prose, early modern women's writing, early modern drama
  • Oliver Lovesey - Victorian & 18th-Cen. Novel, Postcolonial Studies
  • Janet MacArthur - Autobiography, Holocaust Studies
  • Shirley McDonald - Canadian literature and history, life writing, prairie settler narratives, ecocriticism, Scholarship on Teaching & Learning
  • Margaret Reeves - Early Modern Women’s Writing, Children’s Literary Cultures (Early Modern to Contemporary), Early Modern Childhood and Youth, Milton and Early Modern Political Theory, Satiric Fiction
  • Karis Shearer - Canadian poetry and fiction, critical pedagogy, gender theory, American poetry, cultural studies
  • Jordan Stouck - Composition studies, Canadian and Caribbean literature
  • Michael Treschow - Old and Middle English Literature

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