Inter-UBC Workshop Series: Transnational Asian Media and Culture

Due to current conditions with the COVID-19 outbreak, we are cancelling this workshop on March 17.

Transnational and Diasporic Asia: Research and Pedagogy

 This project aims to facilitate collaborative research between the Cultural Studies program (UBCO) and the Department of Asian Studies (UBVC). Focusing on transnational and diasporic Asian media and culture, the project will comprise two workshops at UBCO and UBCV.

The first workshop at UBCO (March 17, 2020) will focus on the history, method, and context of transnational Asian media and cultural studies, while the second workshop at UBCV (April 24, 2020) will focus on specific empirical case studies of transnational Asian media and culture, such as the global flows of Japanese animation (anime) and Korean pop music. At the UBCV workshop, researchers from other universities (e.g., SFU, U of Victoria, and Okanagan College) may also join to share their research outcomes.

Each workshop will consist of research presentation sessions and discussions in the morning, which will be followed by a roundtable discussion about Asian Studies pedagogy and curriculum development in the afternoon. In the roundtable discussion at the UBCO workshop, participants will also discuss the potential development of the Asian Studies minor program at UBCO, as well as further research collaboration between two UBC campuses.

The inter-UBC workshops will encourage scholars and students whose research interest concerns Asia to showcase and share their research outcomes, while exploring a long-term research network for Asian media and cultural studies. These workshops will help fuel the development of research and teaching collaboration including the establishment of an Asian media and culture research cluster across the two campuses in near future.

The workshop takes place on Tuesday, March 17, in EME 2202, at UBC Okanagan.

Contact: Dr. Kyong Yoon (


8:45-9:00 – Reception


    • Introduction (Dr. Yoon)
    • Welcome (Dean Bryce Traister)

9:10-9:50Keynote Speech

    • Prof. Hyung-Gu Lynn, UBCV
      Seven Flags: Common Issues in Articles in Transnational Media Studies


    • Dr. Alwyn Spies, UBCO
      Approaches to Transnational Migration Memoirs


    • Dr. Alifa Bandali, UBCO
      Faulty Lines: Tracing Contemporary Women’s Organizations and Feminist Activism in Malaysia

10:30-10:45 – Discussion

10:45-11:00 – Break


    • Dr. Ruthann Lee, UBCO
      Divided Nations, Fractured Selves: Reconciling Diasporic Korean-ness in Min Sook Lee’s Tiger Spirit


    • Dr. Hussein Keshani, UBCO
      Defining Muslim Asia through Architecture on


    • Ms. Mehnaz Tabassum, UBCO
      Loving the Brown Body: A Study of the Portrayal of Intimacy in the South Asian Characters in Contemporary Popular North American Sitcom

12:00-12:15 – Discussion

12:15-1:00 – Lunch

1:00-2:20 – Roundtable discussion on Asian Studies pedagogy and curriculum at UBCO
(5-10 min presentation per presenter, followed by an open discussion)

    • Prof Hyung-Gu Lynn
    • Dr. Kyong Yoon
    • Dr. Jordan Stouck
    • Dr. Alwyn Spies
    • Dr. Manfred Elfstrom
    • Ms. Melissa Plisic
    • Mr. Shao Yuan Chong

2:20-2:30 – Closing

Sponsored by UBC Collaborative Research Mobility Awards (Office of the Vice-President Research + Innovation), Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, and UBCO Equity and Inclusion Office.