Congratulations to the class of 2024

Bachelor of Media Studies students (left to right): Sarah McNeil, Matthew Kenney, Bethany Hiebert, Jaine Hillier, Xavier Charbonneau, Kai Hagen

At the convocation ceremony held on June 6th, a number of faculty and staff in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies attended the ceremony, proud to congratulate all of the students who completed their degrees in 2024.

This year we have eighteen masters students, two doctoral students, fifty-five Bachelor of Arts students, twenty-five Bachelor of Fine Arts students, and eleven Bachelor of Media Studies students who are graduating with their degrees.

Dean Bryce Traister congratulated all of our graduates: “As new graduates, your endeavors will enrich our communities by sparking new conversations, challenging existing norms, and inspiring change.”

After the ceremony, a reception was held in the Creative and Critical Studies building for all of the FCCS graduates and their guests to continue the celebrations of the day. Diana Carter, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies in FCCS raised a glass to toast this year’s graduating class and their families:

“Today is a very special day when we get to celebrate our students’ achievements and congratulate them on their graduation. You have persevered and worked extremely hard to get to this day and finally graduate with your undergraduate, masters or doctoral degree. Congratulations to you and to all the important people in your life for the support they have shown you over the years. We are proud of you all and are excited to see what you go on to accomplish in your lives after university.”

FCCS is also pleased to recognize the achievements of the following graduating or continuing students who received awards for their outstanding academic performance this year:

  • Bibek Adhikari, Cambell Family Graduate Award in Fine Arts
  • Lindsay Baerg, Jessie Ravnsborg Memorial Award
  • Maddy Bohnet, Asper Scholarship
  • Maritza Botha, Art History and Visual Culture Scholarship
  • Carmen Bouvier, Visual Arts Prize
  • Chandler Burnett, Dean’s Award in Artistic Excellence
  • Taylor Carpenter, Visual Art Scholarship; Visual Arts Prize; SOPA Fine Arts Emerging Artist Award
  • Xavier Charbonneau, Dean’s Award in Artistic Excellence
  • Aditri Chatterjee, International Award
  • Ronnie Cheng, Media Studies Award
  • Ella Cottier, Elinor Yandel Memorial Award in Fine Arts
  • Mihai Covaser, French Scholarship
  • Liam Davidson, Media Studies Award
  • Katja Ewart, Visual Arts Prize
  • Kailee Fawcett, Vernon Film Society Media Prize
  • Cole Finley, Jack and Lorna Hambleton Memorial Award
  • Talia Gagnon, Murray Johnson Memorial Award in Visual Arts
  • Cady Gau, Craig Hall Memorial Visual Arts Scholarship in Printmaking
  • Madeline Grove, International Award
  • Mason Harrison, Languages Scholarship
  • Bethany Hiebert, Media Studies Award
  • Jacob Hill, English Scholarship
  • Jaine Hillier, Medal in Media Studies
  • Samantha Hodge, Creative Writing Scholarship
  • Tamara Hudson, Creative Studies Transfer Prize in Creative Writing
  • Asana Hughes, Doug Biden Memorial Scholarship in Visual Arts
  • Kaito Hyde, Cultural Studies Scholarship
  • Arthur Pielecki, Okanagan Visual Arts Scholarship; Medal in Fine Arts
  • John Prendas, Asper Scholarship
  • Maren McIntosh, Kelly Curtis Memorial Scholarship in English
  • Ainslie Spence, Dr. Shelley Martin Memorial Scholarship
  • Jaclyn Stuart, French Essay Prize
  • Fredrik Thacker, Frances Harris Prize in Fine Arts
  • Helena Theben, Dean’s Award in Artistic Excellence
  • Victoria Verge, Audain Travel Prize
  • Ziv Wei, Norma and Jack Aitken Prize in Visual Arts

The FCCS Dean’s Honour list recognizes students in all years of the BA, BMS, and BFA degrees, who are at the top of their class with a GPA of 85% or better.


  • Olivia Allen
  • Lace Anderson
  • Paul Anderson
  • Lindsay Baerg
  • Mary Balfour
  • Carly Beckner
  • Connor Benson
  • Iris Cameron
  • Kally Campbell
  • Gabriela Chan
  • Aditri Chatterjee
  • Anna Coulman
  • Mihai Covaser
  • Mackenzie Crookes
  • Nimrat Dhaliwal
  • Micah Dryden
  • Jaden Grattan
  • Barbara Grazzini
  • Madeline Grove
  • Sophie Harms
  • Jacob Hill
  • Samantha Hodge 
  • Sophia Hogan
  • Matthew Holdt
  • Tamara Hudson
  • Kai Hugessen
  • Taylor Hughes
  • Christopher Isaak
  • Amanda Jones
  • Kierra Johnson
  • Mckenna King
  • Rhea Kjargaard
  • Natalie Kruiper
  • Alexandra Kuzmich
  • Karly Larson
  • Colin MacPherson
  • Evelyn Mamer
  • Pablo Montero Cabrera
  • Christal Perdison
  • Brooklyn Piche
  • Mariana Pérez Pérez
  • Liana Raisanen
  • Taylor Scharf
  • Ella Schmor
  • Leanne Smeltzer
  • Ainslie Spence
  • Jaclyn Stuart
  • Muskan Thakkar
  • Ashley Timperio
  • Anastasiya Tomashevska
  • Katherine Trussler
  • Ana Vallejo Pérez
  • Mathew Wanbon
  • Jaalah Ward
  • Sabrina Warwick
  • Jennifer Zepeda
  • Sarah de Hoog


  • Claude Angelo
  • Tin Laam Au
  • Katherine Bahel
  • Amy Bugera
  • Taylor Carpenter
  • Bianca Cole
  • Ella Cottier
  • Dorothy Cui
  • Carson Deis
  • Talia Gagnon
  • Cadence Gau
  • Ivo Guidi
  • Eleanor Hajdu
  • Rajata Hakim
  • Casey Hughes
  • Mary Claire Ines
  • Hailey Johnson
  • Alanna Klassen
  • Grace Nascimento-Laverdiere
  • Katelyn Nicholson
  • Giorgia Oliynyk
  • Erin Phillips
  • Arthur Pielecki
    Stevie Poling
  • John Prendas
  • Grace Reid
  • Zoe Schile
  • Kyla Smith
  • Evelyn Stevenson
  • Maya Taki
  • Ziyang Wei
  • Chikei Yang


  • Juan Ablan
  • Sonja Berg
  • Taylor Blenkin
  • Adam Carter
  • Samantha Chen
  • Tsz Lo Ronnie Cheng
  • Liam Davidson
  • Rhyanne Dela Cruz
  • Kailee Fawcett
  • Jaine Hillier
  • Matthew Kenney
  • Landen Kielpinski
  • Brenna Lam Kennedy
  • Mateo Mason-Zolotoochin
  • Jade Molen
  • Cadence Myroniuk
  • Lauren Naidoo
  • Paige Neufeld
  • Ruiqi Sun
  • Chenjia Wu
  • Johee Yeom

MFA Students Miracle Adebayo, Bibek Adhikari, and Thomas Leveen

FCCS Faculty members congratulating our students

FCCS Faculty members congratulating our students

Nancy Holmes as Macebearer for our ceremony

BFA students Ziyang Wei and Wayne Xie

Graduation ceremony

FCCS celebration after convocation

Raising our glasses to the class of 2024

Dr. Marianne Legault with BA graduate, Elizabeth MacDonald

Dr. Jennifer Gustar (centre) with MA English graduating students Tafannum Karim, Brianne Christensen and Dravida Huda

Dr. George Grinnell with MA English graduate, Brian Kerr-Bassett

Dr. Megan Smith (left) with Yujie Gao, PhD graduate form the Digital Arts & Humanities theme

Dr. Annie Wan with BMS graduate Tsz Lo Ronnie Cheng