Visiting Artist Mentorship Program

The Visiting Artist Mentorship Program provides senior undergraduate students in the Visual Arts program in FCCS with mentorship from a mid- to senior-career visiting artist. This program augments an already exciting university journey by creating a context where teaching, direction, critique, conversation, and career advice can flourish over several months.

Students are paired with an established artist who will, through in-person meetings and remote exchanges, guide them in the production of their final BFA studio project. Visual Arts students who work alongside these visiting artist-mentors are encouraged to think outside their university experience into the art world beyond.

2018 Visiting Artist Mentor

This year’s Visiting Artist Mentorship program invited BFA students to apply to work with three of the Visiting Artists that visited our campus and spent time with the senior students in the program. The awards were given to BFA students:

  • Peter Navratil, to work with mentor Cedric Bomford
  • Carmen Winter, to work with mentor, Derya Akay
  • Evan Berg to work with mentor Paul Wong.

The awardees will be corresponding with their respective mentors over the academic year to discuss their studio work and receive feedback and critiques on the work they are producing.

Previous Mentors

Support the Program

The Visiting Artist Mentorship Program is made possible through the generous support of June Nicolay.

FCCS and the Department of Creative Studies is actively seeking community support to build this mentorship program. Founded by members of the community who saw the need for a mentorship program, our ideal goal is to grow this fund so that we can increase the numbers of mentors and the duration of their visits to maximize value for our students. For information on how to contribute to the fund, please contact Stephen Foster, Head of Creative Studies at or Sarah Campbell, Development Officer, Development and Alumni Engagement, at

UBC Okanagan Visual Arts Award

In conjunction with the Visiting Artist Mentorship Fund, students who meet relevant criteria can apply to receive a year end award.

A $2,000 award is offered to a third or fourth-year student in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus. Preference is given to students who have participated, engaged and sought mentorship from a faculty-invited visiting artist, and whose final project/body of work reflects academic excellence.

Students are invited to submit a letter of interest and the award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty in consultation with the Head of Creative Studies.