Message from the Dean

Culture. What is it? Who makes it? What does it do? Here in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, we invite you to find your own answers.

Culture is one of those words we use a lot because it means so many things. Sometimes it refers to groups of individuals and how they communicate and do things. “First Nations culture,” for example. “Work culture.” “Digital Culture.” Culture, in this first sense, is the experience and the output of those human connections.

Other times it is the thing itself, the expression of that culture. A painting. A novel. A sculpture. A video performance. The anime of Japanese youth culture. DaVinci’s Mona Lisa. Erdrich’s Love Medicine. Pokemon. 

As a student In the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, you will become part of a vibrant culture in that first sense, and a creator of culture in the second. For us, the act of Creative Writing is incomplete without its Critique. Making art—painting, sculpture, woodworking, photography—is grounded in its history. Languages and their literatures, including Spanish, French, Japanese, and German, together express something important about our world, world literatures, and the study of its cultures. And Digital Media—its creation and study—brings it all together and puts it in our hands.

There is no other place like the FCCS on this campus, or any other university campus in the world. We invite you to become part of something special.

Bryce Traister

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   Bryce Traister, FCCS Dean