Carolyn MacHardy

Selected Publications

Kodak and Being Kodaked

“Sifting through the archive: an epistolary sketch of the elusive Reverend William McLeod”, Innes Review 60, 1 (Spring 2009), 41-68.

“Some Reflections on Printmaking in the Early 21st Century”, in Okanagan Print Triennial, Vernon Art Gallery, 2009.

“Liminal spaces” (principal essay) in Shawn Serfas, Vernon Art Gallery, 2008.

“Weaving the Threads of History” in Nexus, Kelowna Art Gallery, 2007.

“Reflections on ‘Oasis’: Representing Kelowna 1905-2005”, BC Studies 148, (Winter 2005/06), 93-101.

"Personal Geographies" (principal essay) in Landmarks. Mary Smith McCulloch, Kelowna Art Gallery, 2005.

An Inquiry into the Success of Tom Thomson's "The West Wind", University of Toronto Quartely, 68,3 (Summer 1999), 768-789.

"The Rembrandt Plates and Donald Shaw MacLaughlan", Print Quarterly X, 1 (1993), 47-53.

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