Michael Treschow mtreschow

Dr. Michael Treschow
Associate Professor, English
Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies

The University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus
CCS 345, 1148 Research Road
Kelowna, BC V1V 1V7

T: 250.807.9356
E: michael.treschow@ubc.ca

  • BA (History): University of Calgary, 1978
  • Diploma of Christian Studies: Regent College, 1980
  • MA (Medieval Studies): University of Toronto, 1983
  • Mediaeval Studies Licentiate: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1989
    License Thesis: Alfred’s Boethius as Wisdom Literature
  • Ph. D. (Medieval Studies): University of Toronto, 1991
    Dissertation: A Study of the ece word-group in Old English Literatureand the theme of eternity in the Alfredian translations.


Team teaching in the Winter Term I of 2015 with Francisco Pena:

Engl 355Q Late Medieval Mystical Writings
- With an emphasis on the female mystics Julian of Norwich and Teresa of Avila

English 220.001 Foundations:  Literature in Historical Context

Engl 242 The Hebrew Bible and the Apocrypha


Recent Research

"King Alfred's Scholarly Writings and the Authorship of the First Fifty Prose Psalms" The Heroic Age
A Journal of Early Medieval Northwestern Europe
Issue 12 (May 2009)
Michael Treschow, Department of Critical Studies, UBC Okanagan, Paramjit Gill, Mathematics, Statistics and Physics, UBC Okanagan, & Tim B. Swartz, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, Simon Fraser University

“Bombadil’s Role in The Lord of the Rings
Mythlore 25 (2006) 175-197
“A Stylometric Analysis of King Alfred’s Literary Work”
Journal of Applied Statistics 34 (2007) 1251-1258

Divine Creation in Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern Thought

Forthcoming Research

A translation from Latin into current English of John Scotus Eriugena’s Homily on the Prologue to the Gospel of John together with his commentary on the Gospel of John.

Ongoing Research

A New Edition of King Alfred’s translation of Augustine Soliloquies

An early sampling: Alfred’s Preface and Augustine’s Opening Prayer
Edited text
Modern English translation

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