News and Smoke

News & Smoke

Biography of a Woman

She was so intelligent
she could see wind and hear
the coughing of flies,
in the basement she worried
about things that hadn’t happened yet
but could, her suitors
were swans or had an arm
missing, she lost their engagement
rings, their car keys, was beaten,
shunned, kidnapped, she woke
in a deep well, fled & was captured,
forced to sort through ten tons
of millet pearl rice popcorn seeds
all night by haughty types who
tortured her with impunity, jealous
of her hair, her goodness that led
to betrothal and them snarky &
evil behind the curtain
as she stepped into the golden
crystal carriage but then she lost
the keys or spilled the wax or
dropped the stitch or found
a dwarf—was dropped off
in the woods at night & forced to sew
starlight into shirts enough
for an army had her hands chopped off,
her feet removed, was mistaken for a broom
& left in a corner, she had to clean up
after devils & soldiers—
she was so intelligent she
was the chosen bride of the king’s son
because she was so beautifully starved
that apples flung themselves off apple trees
into her grown-back hands at midnight.

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