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Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies in FCCS

FCCS provides opportunities for interdisciplinary studies at the Masters and Doctoral levels through the College of Graduate Studies’ Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Program (IGS). Students interested in conducting interdisciplinary research--that is, research involving two or more disciplinary areas of knowledge--can pursue an M.A. or Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies under the direction of an FCCS faculty
member when the student’s research is compatible with the proposed supervisor’s expertise.

FCCS faculty members’ areas of research can be understood as falling under four broad categories:

  • Cultural Literacies and Practices
  • Media and Digital Cultures
  • Eco Cultures
  • Postcolonial Imaginaries
In more specific terms, FCCS offers graduate students an opportunity to work with supervisors whose research achievements are reflected in their diverse approaches to the following areas of knowledge:
  •  Art History & Visual Cultures
  •  Critical Animal Studies   
  • Digital Humanities
  • Film Studies
  • Media and Video Arts
  • Sustainability
  • Creative Writing
  • Cultural Studies
  • Digital Media
  • Interdisciplinary Performance
  • Music Studies
  • Visual Arts 


  • Language and Literary Studies in the following areas:
    • Indigenous Literatures and Cultures
    • Language and Literary Studies in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish
    • Literary Studies in English from Medieval to Contemporary Periods
    • Postcolonial Literatures
    • World Literatures

IGS M.A. Program Requirements in FCCS:

  • 30 credits of course work, including:
  • 6 credits of course work in IGS Research Methods and Analysis
  • 12 credits in Special Topics coursework, including at least 6 credits in IGS Special Topics
  • 12 credits for the Masters Thesis
  • In addition, please note that students in the Individualized M.A. program option must complete at least 3 credits from outside their supervisor’s core program area.

IGS Ph.D. Program Requirements in FCCS:

  • 12 credits of course work, including:
    • 3 credits of course work in IGS Research Methods and Analysis
    • 9 credits in IGS Special Topics coursework
  • Second Language Requirement (as determined by supervisory committee)
  • Comprehensive Examinations
    • Broad Area
    • Concentrated Area
    • Oral Examination
  • Approval and Presentation of Dissertation Prospectus
  • Doctoral Dissertation

View the Graduate Course offerings in FCCS including course descriptions. 

Application Deadlines:

For May Admission | October 1        

For September Admission | January 31     

For January Admission | June 2

Application Process and Admission Requirements:

A complete description of IGS Program Requirements as well as Admissions Requirements are provided in the Academic,285,898,0

For information on how to prepare the “program plan” mentioned in the Calendar, click on this link:  “Guidelines for Writing a Statement of Intent for Graduate Studies in FCCS.”

The College of Graduate Studies provides detailed information on the application process and on the minimum admissions requirements at its website:

Button - How to Apply

For information on the College of Graduate Studies Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies (IGS) Program, please visit the Graduate Studies website.

Tips for Soliciting Great Reference Letters

Reference letters are one of the most important aspects of a student’s scholarship application. It is critical for students to be proactive in contacting potential referees well in advance (at least four weeks prior) to the deadline and to provide the appropriate information needed to inform their recommendation. Click HERE for tips that will help guide you in soliciting reference letters that stand out.

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IGS Master of Arts and Ph.D.
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