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Graduate Courses (2013-14)

Note: Course outlines are subject to change.

Many courses are cross-listed and students are invited to take courses not listed under a particular degree, if you supervisory committee recommends/approves it

MA English | IGS MA | PhD

ENGL 501 / IGS 501X | Methodologies: Critical Theory

Exploring the interdisciplinary roots of critical theory in philosophy, linguistics, aesthetics, psychoanalysis, cultural studies, and feminism, this course examines the ways in which theory informs current practices of interpretation.

Instructor: Marie Loughlin
T: 250.807.9330

ENGL 502 / IGS 502Y | Methodologies: Cultural theory

Interdisciplinary introduction to the field of cultural studies theory and the heterogeneous body of cultural and social texts, objects, and events that it critically frames and examines.

Instructor: Ruthann Lee
T: 250.807.9181

ENGL 503 | Practices in the Profession of Literary Studies and Related Disciplines

Introduction to the profession's expectations, practices, and responsibilities.

Instructor: Jordan Stouck
T: 250.807.9663

ENGL 521H / IGS 530G | Imagism: Sculptural Poetics

This course engages one of the most seminal poetic experiments in Anglo-American Modernism: Imagism.

Instructor: Anderson Araujo
T: 250.807.9343

ENGL 521I / IGS 530I | Eco Feminism, Posthumanism and Critical Animal Studies

This course will examine cultural forms of domination particularly in relation to the “feminine” and nature, investigating the role of transformative ethical relations to shape sustainable relations with the natural world. Study will also examine areas within critical animal studies that focus on moral considerations or compassion towards the nonhuman involving an “ethics of care” that recognizes conditions of habitation and ecological principles inseparable from the larger environment.

Instructor: Jodey Castricano
T: 250.807.9196

ENGL 524C / IGS 530H | Individual Author Studies

This is an opportune moment for an examination of the works of Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o when a Kenyan-American has been re-elected President of the United States, the forces of globalization and imperial greed have shaken and impoverished the world’s economy, and dictators have begun to answer at the ballot box and the International Court.

Instructor: Oliver Lovesey
T: 250.807.9385


IGS 506 | Creative Research Methods

The aim of Creative Research Methods course is to initiate a discussion that can aid the development of a shared understanding with regards to the central principles that inform a coherent and rigorous approach to research in the Creative Studies using Practice-based research approach. Practice-based research in Creative Studies can be defined as research grounded in a contextual and situated engagement with practice. Researchers in Creative Studies are pursuing an enquiry through practical activity in the production of performances, images, words, objects, events, networks or other practical interventions

Instructor: Aleksandra Dulic
T: 250.807.9771

IGS 520D | Interdisciplinary Studio

Interdisciplinary Workshop is an interdisciplinary studio course designed to give graduate students an opportunity to work collaboratively with other graduate students to create hybrid work drawing on the group’s collective strengths. Body-based research will be employed to facilitate this process.

Instructor: Denise Kenney
T: 250.807.9632

CRWR 580 | Graduate Workshop in Creative Writing

For students who have a significant creative component to their graduate degree, including a creative thesis. An intensive manuscript production course that offers students at the graduate level opportunity for in-depth discussion and workshopping about their chosen genre.

Instructor: Sharon Thesen
T: 250.807.9632

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