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Graduate Courses (Summer 2014)

Note: Course outlines are subject to change.

ENGL 523G / IGS 530Y | Editing Modernism: Creative & Critical Remediations

This graduate course will offer students the unique opportunity to pursue a course emerging from the Textual Editing and Modernism in Canada (TEMiC) Summer Institute where students will study alongside emerging scholars from other institutions, including graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty. This year’s course, with its theme, “Editing Modernism: Creative & Critical Remediations,” introduces students to the current field of editorial theory (both in Canada and around the (world) and focuses on editing the page (print and digital) as well as the oral or audio text. We will discuss a variety of editorial approaches and editorial problems, covering theories of the social text, hypertext, and genetic editing. Students will also become familiar with digital initiatives and tools such as TEI and editing software such as Audacity.

Moreover, the course will feature public lectures by visiting speakers including Dr. David Stouck and Dr. Jordan Stouck, Dr. Miriam Nichols, Dr. Susan Brown, and others TBC.

3 credits. Class meeting times: July 21-25, 2014 9am to 5pm

Course Outline

Instructor: Karis Shearer
T: 250.807.9776

IGS 520 | Special Topics in Visual Arts: Indigenous Activist Art

In this course students will investigate the methodologies and practices of Indigenous artists in contemporary contexts of creative activism, defined as artistic work that engages social and political issues of indigeneity. The focus of this compressed course will be on the intersections of art and activism – that is, how Indigenous artists engage social, political, regional, and global issues and communities through their art. The immersive environment – five hours per day contact for a nine-day period – will create a learning environment that will encourage in-depth exploration of the traditions, methods, and practices of studio artists including Adrian Stimson (Siksika), Lori Blondeau (Cree/Saulteaux/Métis), Cheryl L’Hirondelle (Cree/Metis/German/Polish), David Garneau (Metis), Dana Claxton (Lakota), Peter Morin (Tahltan), and others who will be in residence during this week and will work closely with the students in a face-to-face environment.

3 credits. Class meeting times: July 23 - Aug 1, 2014 10am to 3pm

Course outline

Instructor: Ashok Mathur
T: 250.807.9257

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