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JPST language classes can be taken to meet university language requirements and are full of in-class activities that develop essentialspeaking, listening, writing and reading skills. Many classes include online language exchange with native speakers or other learners of Japanese, and all classes include online practice and exercises for independent study.

JPST 100 Beginning Japanese Language I
JPST 101 Beginning Japanese Language II
JPST 200 Continuing Japanese Language I
JPST 201 Continuing Japanese Language II
JPST 300 Japanese Through Manga: Business Culture
JPST 301 Japanese Through Manga: Social Issues

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Taught in English, JPST culture courses use the analysis of anime, gendered language, manga, modern literature, TV dramas, video games, and visual culture to develop skills in critical thinking and writing. Most courses are cross-listed and will meet requirements for a B.A. in Cultural Studies.

JPST 215 Intro to Contemporary Japan Through Pop Culture
JPST 354 Introduction to Japanese Film
JPST 364 Modern Japanese Literature in Translation
JPST 365 Gender and Japanese Language
JPST 366 Modern Japanese Women Writers in Translation
JPST 480 Directed Studies

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Japanese Studies course offerings vary from year to year. Visit the Course Schedule for details.

Animated Kanji Videos for Genki I and II

Click here to view online video mangas using mnemonics to teach the kanji for several chapters of the Genki textbooks.
Special thanks to Nikki Krogfoss for creating these videos.

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Nina Langton
Associate Professor, Department of Critical Studies 

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Alwyn Spies
Assistant Professor, Department of Critical Studies 


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