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Applying for Admission

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interdisciplinary Performance)

Admission Requirements

To be admitted as a BFA student in Interdisciplinary Performance at UBC’s Okanagan campus:

  • You must satisfy UBC's general admission requirements.
  • You must make a general application to UBC and in that application, select the BFA program with a Major in Interdisciplinary Performance as your first or second choice program.
  • You must audition for the program. Although in-person auditioning is highly recommended, you may submit a recorded audition if you are unable to travel to Kelowna to attend the scheduled auditions.

Step One

Review the admission requirements for UBC which can be found at:

Program specific requirements for BC high school applicants to Interdisciplinary Performance are:

  • English 12 or English 12 First Peoples
  • Three other approved Grade 12 courses
  • Currently, auditions are required
  • Letter of Intent / Audition form (see below)

You need to apply online for admission to UBC specifying the "Bachelor of Fine Arts - BFA" program at the Okanagan Campus, with "Major Interdisciplinary Performance" as your specialization. Once you submit your application for admission declaring your interest in the BFA program, you will receive an email that welcomes you. Then in about a week, you will receive another email that tells you what to do next.

Step Two


To schedule an audition, applicants to the B.F.A. Major in Interdisciplinary Performance must submit an audition request form by February 17th.  Auditions will take place on March 18-19 at UBCO.

If you have missed the February 17th deadline, or are unable to come in person to audition, it is possible to submit a video audition until September 1st if the program is not already fully enrolled.
Please contact the Creative Studies Department at 250-807-9648 if you have any questions about your audition.

Important Information

Click here for updated application deadlines. There is one online application for both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses, and you will need to pay a non-refundable application fee. You can only submit one application, but you can specify a first and second choice.

If you plan to live in residence at UBC Okanagan campus, apply for housing at the same time you apply for admission. Many first-year students are guaranteed a place in residence provided they meet the requirements.

For inquiries regarding the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interdisciplinary Performance), please contact the UBC Okanagan Department of Creative Studies at 250.807.9648.

Entry into this program is competitive. The number of places within the B.F.A. program is limited, and admission is based on a review of the letter of intent, experience and grade average.

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