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Student Work | Visual Arts

In each studio course in Visual Arts, students create works which are frequently displayed in the FINA Gallery in the Creative and Critical Studies building. Visit our new blog showcasing some of our current student works.


There must be something in the water (2013) is an interactive multimedia installation work that is produced by ten different artists: Jeannette Angel – PhD student, David Kadish - MSc student, Rosa Park – MFA student, Jon Corbett - MFA student, Timothy Smith – BFA undergraduate, Dylan Ranney – BFA undergraduate, Alex Eastman – BFA undergraduate, Hanss Lujan – BFA undergraduate, Kenneth Newby — visiting artist-scholar and Dr. Aleksandra Dulic — course instructor. It was exhibited at the FINA Art Gallery at UBC Okanagan in March 2013. Read more...

Watch a video of the interactive installation by Tim Smith.

There Must Be Something in the Water

Each year the fourth year Bachelor of Fine Arts Students host an art exhibition showcasing their thesis work and research. Below are a few examples of student work from Continuum, the graduation exhibition in the spring of 2013.

Brit Bachmann Brit Bachmann
Underhand pitcher at Central Park at 4:14pm, 02/09/13
Handcut white vinyl
Nadine Bradshaw Nadine Bradshaw
Peer Group Photo
Oil on Canvas
34.5" x 41.5 "
John Fache John Fache
Canadiana, Installation
Dylan Ranney

Dylan Ranney

Pastel Tazón (far left image)
Oil on Canvas
4' x 3'

Don't Turn Back (top image)
Oil on canvas
3' x 4'

Eyes and Teeth (bottom image)
Oil on canvas
3' x 4'

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