Public Humanities Hub

Public Humanities Hub Okanagan provides support for collaborative research among humanists on the Okanagan campus.

The Public Humanities Hub (PPH-O) at UBC Okanagan extends the UBC research cluster strategy to foster research excellence and develop Humanities collaborations with public-facing research and programming.

  • The Hub identifies best practices in Humanities capacity-building internationally
  • It builds new research connections across Humanities departments, UBC faculties and the two campuses
  • It supports research culture including graduate students and senior undergraduates
  • It publicizes and mobilizes Humanities research in the public sphere and facilitate exchanges amongst Humanists at both the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses.

The PHH is made possible through funding for a three-year pilot from the offices of the Provost and VP Academic and the VP Research and Innovation.

PUblic HUMANITIES hub director

Brigitte Le NormandBrigitte Le Normand is Associate Professor of History at UBC Okanagan.  Her research focuses on the transformative project that was state socialism in Yugoslavia after the Second World War.  She has previously researched this topic with a focus on urban planning and migration, and is now examining change in Fiume/Rijeka, a city that transferred from Italian to Yugoslav sovereignty after the Second World War.  This SSHRC-funded project includes research collaboration with digital humanists and geographers, and involves the creation of an augmented reality mobile phone app, “Rijeka in Flux,” allowing users to interact with Rijeka’s turbulent and fascinating past. Dr. Le Normand believes that the humanities are key to empowering individuals and societies to tackle today’s greatest challenges.

Goals & Initiatives

The Public Humanities Hub Okanagan fosters collaboration and research excellence amongst Humanists at UBC, and supports public-facing research in the Humanities

The PHH-O will establish governance with an academic director, reporting to the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies in FCCS, and steering committee.


The PPH-O will support a continuing GRA position to research young universities that are successful in the Humanities in international rankings and organize exchanges.


The PPH-O will host a major Public Humanities conference in July 2020.

Research Support

The PPH-O will implement and adjudicate a research group competition to support one group pursuing thematic research interests annually.

Joint Fellowship Program

A prospective PH Fellow from the Okanagan campus can invite a scholar from another university to collaborate on a year-long Humanities project with clear potential for impact.

Annual Speaker Exchange

Humanist from each campus will visit the other for a sustained period of talks and research meetings each year.

Research Cluster Strategy

The PHH – O will identify best practices in Humanities capacity-building internationally; build new research connections across departments, and publicize and mobilize Humanities research.

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