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Setting Up a New Research PG

Copy of application pertaining to the following pages:

  • Title and signature page (usually page 1 of the application) complete with required signatures.
  • Page listing all co-applicants and collaborators, if applicable.
  • Page(s) of proposal with abstract or project summary.
  • Budget summary and budget justification.

In the case of cooperative projects, letters of support or commitment from collaborating companies or institutions.

If you application involves an industry collaborator a complete copy of the application is required.


If an application copy is not available, please complete a Grant Information Form (with required signatures).


Award letter and any documents relating to reporting requirement, etc.


If human subjects / animal subjects / biohazard materials are used for the project, the appropriate certificate of approvals re required to be in place as funds will NOT be released until this requirement is met. For a certificate of approval to be valid, it must state the exact title of the project and funding agency.

For more information contact the Office of Research Services.

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