A World Literatures Initiative

World literature is a vibrant and vital field of study covering a spectrum of national literatures, historical periods, and cultural phenomena through the ages and across the globe.
This initiative presents the possibility of a World Literatures course in Critical Studies at UBC’s Okanagan campus. The following class outlines are indicative of study areas about world-shaping events, movements, and developments. 
For more information, contact:

Francisco Peña, Associate Professor, Spanish
Ramine Adl, Associate Professor, French
Nina Langton, Associate Professor, Japanese
Michael Treschow, Associate Professor, English
Janet MacArthur, Associate Professor, English
Marie Loughlin, Associate Professor, English 
Anderson Araujo, Assistant Professor, English
Hussein Keshani, Associate Professor, Art History & Visual Culture


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Dr. Francisco Peña
Associate Professor, Department of Critical Studies