A World Literatures Initiative

World literature is a vibrant and vital field of study covering a spectrum of national literatures, historical periods, and cultural phenomena through the ages and across the globe.
This initiative presents the possibility of a World Literatures course in Critical Studies at UBC’s Okanagan campus. The following class outlines are indicative of study areas about world-shaping events, movements, and developments. 
For more information, contact:

Francisco Peña, Associate Professor, Spanish
Ramine Adl, Associate Professor, French
Nina Langton, Associate Professor, Japanese
Michael Treschow, Associate Professor, English
Janet MacArthur, Associate Professor, English
Martin Blum, Associate Professor, English & German
Anderson Araujo, Assistant Professor, English
Hussein Keshani, Associate Professor, Art History & Visual Culture


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Dr. Francisco Peña
Associate Professor, Department of Critical Studies