Bryce Traister

(He, Him, His)


English, Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies
Other Titles: Professor, English
Office: CCS 323C
Phone: 250.807.9357

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

American Literature, especially the colonial and antebellum periods; religious studies; American Cultural Studies; science fiction.


Bryce Traister studies and teaches courses in early American literature and culture. He holds a BA and PhD in English from the University of California, Berkeley, and taught for 20 years at Western University in London, Ontario, before joining the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies in 2017 He is the author, most recently, of Female Piety and the Invention of American Puritanism, published by Ohio State University Press, and is the editor of American Literature and the New Puritan Studies, (September 2017). His current work includes a second edited collection for Cambridge, The Cambridge Companion to Early American Literature.

I am interested in many things, especially the historic and continuing role of religion in American politics and popular culture, as well as some very fundamental questions about the way we talk about and study American literature in the age of globalism. I read and watch a lot of science fiction as well—paid up member-in-good-standing of the nerd club here.


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