Our students and professors work to understand our cultural pasts and to pose critical questions of our heritages with a view to building a creative future.

As a student In the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, you will become part of a vibrant culture in that first sense, and a creator of culture in the second. For us, the act of Creative Writing is incomplete without its Critique.

Making art—painting, sculpture, woodworking, photography—is grounded in its history. Languages and their literatures, including Spanish, French, Japanese, and German, together express something important about our world, world literatures, and the study of its cultures. And Digital Media—its creation and study—brings it all together and puts it in our hands.

ACAP program at UBCOThe UBC Okanagan Arts Career Apprenticeship Program (UBCO ACAP) connects graduating arts, humanities and social sciences graduates from the Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies with Okanagan-based employers for one-year, paid, early career opportunities.

Prospective Students: For information about applying to UBC, visit the Prospective Students page.