Graduate Student Resources

The forms and information on this page will help in outlining the progression through your graduate program. Most forms require approval from the students supervisor, committee and program coordinator.

All completed forms must be brought to the Graduate Admin Assistant in FCCS for processing and submitting to the College of Graduate Studies.

Supervisor/Supervisee Agreement

The aim of this agreement is to define the expectations and responsibilities of the graduate student and the supervisor. Graduate students hold the primary responsibility for the completion of their degree, and the supervisor must be available for mentoring, providing guidance, advice and and feedback to the student.

These program handbooks are to help guide students through their program and are filled with resources and links to help navigate program requirements.

Program Plans

Each graduate student from all programs is required to submit a program plan outlining their plan for courses and confirming their supervisory committee.

  • MA and PhD IGS Students program plans are due October 15th of the first term of study
  • MFA and MA in English Students program plans are due November 1st of their first term of study

Research Production Plans

Graduate students from all programs are required to complete a research plan for their thesis, creative work or research paper. The proposal is an iterative process in which the student refines and revises the proposed research based on feedback received from the supervisor and supervisory committee.

  • MA in English Students production plans are due Mar.1st of their first year
  • MFA Students production plans are due Nov.1st of their second year

Creative Practice Ethics Statement

The Creative Studies department is committed to ethical creative practice. Faculty and students engaged in creative practice are expected to be prepared to articulate how their work aligns with the ethical standards of the disciplines and sectors they are a part of.

If creative practices are employed as part of research projects in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, then they may be subject to REB review and approval.

Ethics Statement

Graduate Research Creation Pathways

FCCS has created a document that defines research creation pathways for MFA, MA and PhD students working on research-creation projects as part of their program. This document is intended as a reference to guide the work of the admission and supervisory committees.

Defining Research Creation Pathways

Annual Progress Report

The Annual Progress Report form is required by the College of Graduate Studies and is reviewed by the appropriate FCCS Graduate Coordinators.  It is used to track the general progress of the student and ensure that course work is being completed in a timely fashion.

The internal FCCS deadline for the report is no later than May 1st of each year. An email will be sent to all students notifying them of the deadlines and process.

PhD Candidacy Requirements

Candidacy and Comprehensive Examination Guidelines are governed by the College of Graduate Studies. The guidelines below contain expectations about timelines and the comprehensives examination process.

Registration Forms

Sometimes students need to request changes to their registration, late withdrawals, register in a directed studies or special topics course, or have special requests to take a course at UBC Vancouver, or another institution. For all of these requests, a form must be completed and approved by the students supervisor, program coordinator and the College of Graduate Studies.

Thesis Forms and Information

The College of Graduate Studies has prepared information to assist students with the preparation of their thesis and have outlined the defence scheduling process. Any questions about this process can be discussed with the students supervisor and the Graduate Program Assistant.

MFA students are required to submit an Artwork Recommendation for Examination form signed by their supervisory committee prior their exhibition, performance or creative work dissemination.

View our step-by-step instructions and flowchart to help you prepare your paperwork.

Funding, Awards and Scholarships

UBC Okanagan is committed to supporting and encouraging our students to reach their full potential during their studies. Both FCCS and the College of Graduate Studies offer a number of merit based scholarships and awards to support our students in research and creation activities.

Each academic year, we have openings for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs), and individual faculty also offer Research Assistant positions graduate students when funding is available.

Graduate Student Bio Submission Forms

These forms are intended as a tool to gather biographical statements from current graduate students for the purpose of program and student research promotion, as well as informing students and the faculty community about the program.

Bio Submission


We have dedicated coordinators for each of the graduate programs that we offer. You can connect with them to talk about questions about the program and course advising during your degree.

Graduate Program Coordinators

Program  Contact   Email
Masters of Fine Arts Nancy Holmes
Masters of Arts in English Jennifer Gustar
Digital Arts & Humanities Theme (Co-coordinator) Jodey Castricano
Digital Arts & Humanities Theme (Co-coordinator) Matthew Davis

College of Graduate Studies

The College of Graduate Studies web site is full of helpful information and links for all students as you progress through your graduate program.

Other forms and information

Centre for Scholarly Communication

The Centre for Scholarly Communication functions as an information hub for research support services at UBC Okanagan.

Centre for Scholarly Communication