Directed Studies/Special Topics – Graduate

Form Type: Records and Registration
Form For: Current Students


Use the appropriate form for your program in conjunction with an FCCS professor to request credit for a course in a required topic for your graduate degree or research interests.

Further Information:

DIRECTED STUDIES COURSES:  Graduate students who would like to study in an area not offered as a regular course offering can take a Directed Studies course with a particular faculty member. When considering Directed Studies courses, it is customary to have the student participate in, and even initiate, the course development process by researching potential reading lists or by developing course outlines.

SPECIAL TOPICS COURSES: A Special Topics course can be used to augment an existing upper year undergraduate course to make it more challenging and appropriate for graduate level study. The course is given a graduate level designation and would appear on the student’s transcript as a graduate level course.

For an IGS course, use the College of Graduate Studies IGS Course Scheduling Form. For an English or MFA course, use the form below.

Note: If this course was not part of the student’s initial Program Plan or has not been added to the Annual Progress Report indicating the course has been approved by the supervisor and committee, the documents should be accompanied by a note from the supervisor updating the Program Plan.