Find information and resources that support your contributions to UBC and the Okanagan campus.

Faculty and Staff Resources

Resources, forms and links for staff and faculty in FCCS. A Novell account is required for access.

Secure Resources

Teaching Resources

We have created an online resource for all faculty with various links, resources and means of support for teaching.

Teaching Resources

FCCS Welcome Guide

This guide is designed to provide answers to many initial questions new instructors have and to complement the Orientation Package sent through HR.

FCCS Welcome Guide


Workday (IRP)

Workday goes live as of Nov. 2. Below are some links to assist you in navigating the new system including training, resources and the Integrated Service Centre (ISC) to provide faculty and staff with day-to-day support, helping to answer questions about Workday.

UBC IT Okanagan Online Support

After Workday launches on November 2, both UBC IT Okanagan’s online ticketing system and UBC Okanagan’s Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Helpdesk will be joining the Integrated Services Centre (ISC) on the UBC Self-Service Portal.

You will continue to be supported by the local Okanagan IT and CTL staff you know, while benefitting from a more seamless and consistent helpdesk experience that uses your CWL credentials to login and allows requests to be more easily shared across multiple support teams.

After November 2 the current IT Helpdesk website ( will direct users to use the UBC Self-Service Portal for any new requests for IT support.

After November 2 you can reach the CTL Helpdesk in two ways:

  1. As you always have, by sending an email to; or
  2. By logging in with your CWL to the UBC Self-Service Portal to submit a request.

You may notice when you email the CTL Helpdesk you will receive an automatic email response with a ticket number which will help to better track your requests, issues and questions.

For a great overview of the UBC Self-Service Portal watch these videos:

  • Familiarize yourself with the portal, watch here
  • Learn how to search the knowledge bases, watch here
  • Learn how to submit a ticket, watch here

For more information about these changes:

  • Find out more details about the IT Online Helpdesk changes here
  • Visit to view the ISC catalogue of support services