Faculty Funding & Awards

Our faculty is committed to recognizing outstanding contributions to its teaching, research and service missions

Funding Opportunities

FCCS has a number of awards for research creation and conference travel to support faculty members to further their projects of scholarly and creative research, and scholarship of teaching.

This round of funding to support both new and existing collaborations. There are three grant lines, which are open to all continuing faculty in FASS and FCCS (ie lecturers, EL/research professors at all ranks).

Initiator Funding

Up to $6000 CAD to support new collaborations.

Initiator Grants are intended to support pilot projects to establish or broaden academic and research collaboration.

The key aims of the Initiator Grant Scheme are:

  • To develop and expand relationships between Exeter and UBC Okanagan
  • To support both research and education initiatives
  • To enable grant holders to develop projects for Catalyst funding and/or competitive, larger scale external grant applications.

Deadline: April 16, 2024

Initiator Grant Guidelines

Initiator Grant Application Form

Catalyst Funding

Up to $32000 CAD to support existing collaborations.

The key aims of the Catalyst Grant Scheme are:

  • To position the project group to win major external funding, publish significant research, and/or to influence national/international policy.
  • To address research questions and/or to develop innovative teaching and learning initiatives with potential for high impact that could not be as effectively carried out by a partner on its own.
  • To facilitate further development of novel research and/or teaching and learning concepts to the point of submission of bid(s) for significant external funding.
  • To expedite ground-breaking interdisciplinary research and/or teaching and learning initiatives, taking them to the next level.

Deadline:  April 16, 2024

Catalyst Grant Guidelines

Catalyst Grant Application form


Joint Fellowship/Visiting Artist

The JF is a  grant line that will support faculty exchanges between Exeter and UBC Okanagan. The Visiting Fellow will undertake a collaborative research project and teach a related course at the host university

  • The Visiting Fellow will receive two course releases and $6000 CAD travel expenses.
  • The host researcher will receive $3000 CAD research expenses.


  • Applications are not being accepted at this time


Joint Fellowship/Visiting Scholar Award Application

These awards support tenured scholars in projects of scholarly research and scholarship of teaching and learning (for the Research Fellowship) or research creation and artistic curation (for the Creation/Curation Fellowship) that are intellectually adventurous and likely to result in significant academic and/or social impact.

The applicant must present a coherent project with a clearly stated objective and well-defined research plan, and demonstrate a substantial record of scholarly and creative contribution and external funding applications in the past three years.

The amount of the research award is $8000 in unrestricted research funds, an amount equivalent to one course release. FCCS Research Fellows may hold a KFRF or other leave fellowships concurrently (total awards not to exceed full salary).

Deadline: February 15 of each year



The timing and criteria of the fellowship align with the Sam Black Award for Education and Development in the Visual and Performing Arts, the Dorothy Somerset Award for Performance Development in the Visual and Performing Arts (alternate years only) and the Killam Faculty Research Fellowship (KFRF) so that recipients of the faculty fellowship are well-positioned to apply successfully for further awards.

The primary purpose of the FCCS Research Support Fund is to assist with proposal development for grant applications and to assist with the completion of research leading to publication or forms of dissemination (not including conference presentations). Research includes research creation and scholarship of teaching and learning.

FCCS has limited funding available to support tenured and tenure-track faculty with eligible expenses as outlined below.  Approval is subject to funding availability. Applicants may apply for up to $2000 for grant development and up to $1000 for publication or dissemination.

Deadline: Applications will be accepted throughout the year. 




The mandate of the FCCS Sessional Faculty Research Award is to proactively support the developing research profile of FCCS Limited Contract Faculty in Lecturer and Sessional Instructor positions with access to financial support for the publishing, dissemination, research related travel and research/creation.

One award of $1000.00 will be granted for the 2024/25 academic year.

Deadline: October 15 each year



Applications for this fund are not being accepted for the 2024/25 academic year. 

The primary purpose of the FCCS Travel Fund is to assist with travel costs for conference or art presentations.

FCCS has limited funding available to support tenured and tenure-track faculty with eligible expenses as outlined below. Approval is subject to funding availability. Applicants can request up to $1500 for Canadian travel, $2500 for travel to the United States, and $3000 for international travel.

Deadlines: closed. 





September 6, 2023– Applicants must complete a Killam Notice of Intent (NOI). Applicants should notify prospective referees that a request for references may be forthcoming.

October 6, 2023 – Application (including the letter of support from the UBC faculty member; but without reference letters) is due internally: jodey.castricano@ubc.ca. Applicants should notify prospective referees that a request for references may be forthcoming, if they have not already done so.

Applicants will be notified if the application is proceeding; if so, applicants then invite their three referees to provide a letter of reference addressed to UBC via email by noon PST, October 14 at postdoc.ok@ubc.ca.

October 16, 2023 – the full and complete application including the letter of support and 3 references is due: postdoc.ok@ubc.ca. 

Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Community Engagement and Service Awards

As part of our ongoing efforts to recognize contributions and excellence in a variety of areas, FCCS has established awards for members of the FCCS community. These awards present FCCS the opportunity to express gratitude for the contributions that advance our mission and the objectives of our strategic plan and to shine the spotlight on those contributions.

Community Engagement Award recognizes excellence in community engagement within the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies (FCCS). Community engagement is defined, in the context of this award, as an activity or activities that make a significant and positive impact on communities beyond the University.

Service Award  recognizes excellence in service within the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies (FCCS). Service is defined, in the context of this award, as significant and positive contribution to the work of a department, the Faculty, and/or the University.

Community engagement and service AWARD RECIPIENTS

Michael V. Smith (2017-2018)

Denise Kenney (2016-2017)

Myron Campbell (2015-2016)

Nancy Holmes (2014-2015)

Michael Treschow (2016-2017)

Marianne Legault (2015-2016)

Wendy Mohns (2014-2015)

Teaching Excellence and Innovation Awards

FCCS values teaching excellence as a fundamental pillar of its mandate. We pursue various initiatives that build on the distinguished record of instruction that our faculty members have garnered over the years and that ensure that our students have the highest quality of learning in our courses and across our programs.

This award is designed to recognize faculty members for teaching approaches that develop experiential learning, interdisciplinarity, internationalization, undergraduate research and scholarship.


  • Patrick Lundeen (Teaching Excellence & Innovation)
  • Nathalie Hager (Teaching Excellence & Innovation)
  • Alifa Bandali (Teaching Excellence & Innovation)
  • Nina Langton (Teaching Excellence & Innovation)
  • Mayu Takasaki (Teaching Excellence & Innovation)
  • Claude Desmarais (Teaching Innovation)
  • Shirley McDonald (Teaching Excellence)
  • Myron Campbell (Teaching Innovation)
  • Shona Harrison (Teaching Excellence)
  • Briar Craig (Teaching Innovation)
  • Shirley McDonald (Teaching Excellence)
  • Ramine Adl, Claude Desmarais, Alwyn Spies (Teaching Innovation)
  • Myron Campbell (Teaching Excellence)
  • Melissa Jacques (Teaching Excellence)

UBC Teaching Honour Roll Recipients

Each year, UBC’s Okanagan campus recognizes outstanding professors with the Teaching Honour Roll.

*Note – the UBC Teaching Honour Roll was discontinued after 2018. 

FCCS Faculty Award Recipients

  • Briar Craig
  • Greg Garrard
  • Lisa Grekul
  • Allison Hargreaves
  • Marie Loughlin
  • Stephanie Tolman
  • Grisel Garcia-Perez
  • Allison Hargreaves
  • Carolina Restrepo