Public talks with bilingual authors presented as part of the FCCS Visiting Author series in partnership with the Inspired Word  Café.

As a special fundraising event, UBC Okanagan’s Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies (FCCS) organizes a gala evening where good luck plays a part in who takes home which piece of art.

For many, the question of who to bring along in order to rebuild human civilization during a zombie apocalypse has gone unanswered for too long. Now, six UBC Okanagan professors, all from different fields of expertise, aim to settle the issue once and for all—or at least until next year—as they prepare for the second annual Life Raft Debate.

Artists interested in UBC Okanagan’s visual arts program are invited to attend a special class with a professor to learn about the program and find out how to put a portfolio together.

Francis Langevin is an educator, cultural activist and event organizer, and film buff. See what Francis has to say about his teaching and research practices.

UBCO stories you may have missed in 2019 UBCO Okanagan has grown to a student population of more than 10,000. With this growth, has come new research opportunities—currently there are more than 1,600 active projects. UBCO researchers are challenging established assumptions, innovating solutions and creating new knowledge that will have broad impacts on our society. […]