Alterknowledge Series

The Atlerknowledge Series is no longer active, below is an archive of the organizers and the discussions that took place from 2015 to 2018.

AlterKnowledge provides a venue for so-called “alternative” knowledge to be shared and valued, and for dominant systems of “knowledge” to be altered. It focuses on critical engagement with the way colonialism continues to shape relationships and identities, and it aims to foster community-based knowledge-making, bringing people together to discuss, share, and (un)learn, as a practice of decolonization.

The discussions, organized by Allison Hargreaves and David Jefferess, is a series of free, expert-led talks designed as lively and participatory conversations where people learn, share, and produce meaningful dialogue. The goal is to bring faculty and students affiliated with UBC’s Okanagan campus together with members of the wider community and tackle topics of debate that concern all of us in the Okanagan and beyond.