Department of Languages and World Literatures

This interdisciplinary department offers the opportunity to study languages, global literatures, and cultures.

Message Regarding Fall 2020

The Department of Languages and World Literatures invites students to join us in September of 2020. Our wide-ranging courses in languages and global literatures, from the ancient Middle East to modern Japan, will be fully available. As we continue to navigate the challenges associated with COVID-19, our award-winning faculty will deliver innovative courses in our five program areas: French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and World Literatures. Whether remotely, on campus or in a blend of virtual and live environments, we are committed to supporting students with empathy, resources, and the highest standards of teaching and learning. Your education and wellbeing are our priorities.

What we do

The Department of Languages and World Literatures invites students to examine language and literature as inherently human endeavours that cross time and national boundaries. We offer programs and courses in languages and global literatures, from the ancient Middle East to modern Japan and from ancient mythologies and oral traditions to current pop culture.

Going beyond the Euro-American canon, courses taught by our award-winning faculty are designed to foster plurilingual competence and transcultural literacy—valuable skills for thriving in a global economy. We welcome students in a richly interdisciplinary learning environment, synthesizing the study of languages, literatures, theatre, art history, religions, and film.

Programs & Study Options

French (BA)

Gain strong skills in French language and a critical insight into Francophone literatures and cultures within a global context.

German (BA)

Experience a practice-based approach to language learning as well as literature, culture, history, film and the environment with courses taught in English and in German.


Explore Spanish language, literature and culture. The language-learning aspect of these courses covers practical skills and daily application of Spanish.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies

Masters and PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies, work closely with faculty across a diverse set of disciplines.

French and Spanish (BA)

Study culture, history, linguistics, translation and much more to acquire practical skills in French and Spanish.

Japanese (BA)

Explore Japanese literature, film, or popular culture in English, or learn how to express yourself in Japanese while you fulfil your language requirement.

World Literatures (BA)

Examine a spectrum of national literatures, historical periods and cultural phenomena through the ages and across the globe.



Who We Are



Ramine Adl | French Language and Literature

Christopher Gordon | French Language

Jelena Jovicic | French Language; French Literature; French Culture

Francis Langevin | French Language, French Liteature; French Popular Culture

Marianne Legault | French Language, French Classical Fairy Tales, French Literature

Term Faculty

Charlotte Favareille | French Language

Stephanie Tolman | French Language

Alexandra Tonnel | French as a second language


Martin Blum | Medieval and Renaissance studies, short narrative genres, German language and culture

Claude  Desmarais | German language and Culture

Term Faculty

Tatjana Smith | German Language


Nina Langton | Japanese Language, Japanese Pop Culture and Film

Alwyn Spies | Japanese Language, Japanese Culture

Term Faculty

Mayu Takasaki | Japanese Language, Japanese Culture


Diana Carter | Spanish Language, bilingualism, Spanish language history

Grisel Garcia-Perez | Spanish Linguistics, second language teaching

Monica Good | Spanish Language

Bernard Schulz-Cruz | Spanish language, Mexican history, Chilean Literature

Term Faculty

Natalia Penuela Gallo | Spanish Language

Cynthia Hernandez Garcia | Spanish Language

Carolina Restrepo | Spanish  Language

Cristina Senn | Spanish linguistics


Anderson Araujo | Transnational Modernism, First World War Poetry, Twentieth-Century British and Irish Literature

Francisco Peña | Wold Literature, Spanish Culture and Literature, Ancient and Medieval Mythology, Biblical Literature, and Judeo-Spanish and Converso studies

Alwyn Spies | Wold Literature, Japanese Language, Japanese Culture

Term Faculty

Francois Gauthier | Intro to Latin, Classics in Modern Media, Pirates in the Ancient World

Lara Netting | World Literatures

Term Faculty

Meilan Ehlert | First-year Chinese, First-year Korean

Administrative Office

Anderson Araujo
Department Head, Languages & World Literatures
Associate Professor, English
Tel: 250.807.9589
Office: CCS 391

Bobbette Armstrong-Paisley
Department Assistant
Tel: 250.807.9659
Office: CCS 323

Sheila Andrulevich 
Assistant to the Department Head
Tel: 250.807.9399
Office: CCS 323