Explore Spanish language, literature and culture.

Spanish Class

How can Spanish courses be used?

  • Minor in Spanish
  • Electives to complement your degree
  • Fulfilling your language requirement

Courses offered in Spanish cover language, literature and culture. The language-learning aspect of the program covers practical skills and daily application of Spanish, as well as skills that are transferable to a work environment and an academic setting.

Students have the option of spending a semester abroad studying and experiencing life in a Spanish-speaking environment.

Students in any program can take Spanish courses to fulfill their language requirement, take a minor in Spanish alongside their degree, or as electives to complement their degree.

To complete a Minor in Spanish, students must complete between 30 and 42 credits in Spanish courses, 18 at the 300 or 400 level.

We have provided information to help you choose the language courses that are right for you.