Media Studies Faculty & Instructors

Faculty Who Teach Core Media Studies Courses

  • Program Co-Coordinator: Megan Smith (Media Studies) – New media art, virtual reality, physical computing, critical design, geo location, visual art, and interactive art.
  • Program Co-Coordinator:Annie Wan (Media Studies) – Innovating Artistic and Socially Motivated Design through Creative Media by means of Gamification in Digital Heritage Preservation, Museums Archives and Digital Conservation; Employing Creative Media for the Socially Disadvantaged by means of Adopting Extended Realities and Intelligence Technologies for well- being.
  • Aleksandra Dulic (Visual Arts) – Visual art, new media, video, drawing 2D; media for social change; climate change; interactive art; experience design.
  • Miles Thorogood (Media Studies) – Music Information Retrieval, Interactive Sound Art, Sound Design, Task Analysis, Machine Learning

Faculty Who Regularly Teach Cross-Listed MDST Courses

  • Myron Campbell (Visual Arts) – Visual art, media arts, interactive installation, screen-based interactive animation, traditional & digital media arts, digital design.
  • Emily Murphy (Digital Humanities) – Digital Humanities, text encoding, digital editing.