Cultural Studies Student Projects

PARKLETS: Innovations in Urban Public Spaces

This report examines the positive impacts of Parkelts for the future of Kelowna. A parklet is defined as a parking space or similar area reclaimed for public recreational or beautification purposes. A parklet is an extension of the sidewalk over an on-street parking space that serves as a small public park.

This report was prepared by Tessa Baatz, Chiara Mason & Emma Mcleod for CULT 499: Community Engaged Research in Cultural Studies.

Parklet Report

Is It Fair

Is It Fair? Do We Care?

This report examines perceptions of fair trade labeling and the availability of fair trade certified products in Kelowna. It is the culmination of a whole class team based project in a third year Cultural Studies and English course that focused on theories of cultural globalization, including debates about whether globalization constitutes the creation of a homogenous global culture and discussions of projects that work towards a more just “alter-globalization.” Read more..

Is It Fair Report

Global Citizen

Global Citizen Study

his study produced by 4th year Cultural Study students analyzes the Global Citizen Kelowna initiative in the context of global citizenship education and debates regarding the best ways to alleviate poverty. Read more…

Global Citizen Study

Settler Melankelownia cover

Settler Melankelownia

These projects were developed in a 3rd year Cultural Studies and English course that examined the history of colonialism as a cultural project. Students were asked to analyze the degree to which heritage commemorations in Kelowna, or their home communities, reflect the ‘settlement myth.’ Read more...

Settler Melankelownia Project

Rethinking Global Citizenship

Rethinking Global Citizenship | From Here

This collection of critical engagements with the idea(l) of global citizenship developed out of an assignment for a seminar course focusing on cultural representations of cosmopolitan ethics (ENGL 525A/ENGL 473A/CULT 437A), offered at UBC’s Okanagan campus in the winter of 2012.

Rethinking Global Citizen Presentation

Miss Constructed

Miss Constructed

Seven years after her 16 year old self performed “Fever” by Peggy Lee, Johanna Olson, (Revelstoke Princess 2005 and British Columbia Ambassador 2006/2007) revisits the experience of the night she ran for Miss. Revelstoke in order to reflect on the politics of representation.

Miss Constructed Video

PSA video

Public Service Announcements created by English 376 and Cultural Studies 315 students to promote Mental Health on UBC’s Okanagan campus.