Experience a practice-based approach to language, learning as well as literature, culture, history, film and the environment.

How can German courses be used?

  • Electives to complement your degree
  • Fulfilling your language requirement
  • Creates study ad work abroad options

German Studies offers courses in English for those interested in German literature, culture, history, film and the environment, as well as courses taught in German that can be used to meet the university’s language requirement. Options for students taking German include beginner’s courses and intermediate level here (A1—B1). Reflecting the importance of German in today’s global context,

German language courses offer a practice-based approach to language learning that allows our students succeed in today’s world . Recognizing language skills as a key competency in a global economy, our students taking German language come from diverse disciplines, such as the arts, international relations, political science, computer science and business management.

German Studies was established thanks to a donation by the Reichwald family.