Cultural Studies Faculty & Instructors

Cultural Studies Program Committee

  • Program Coordinator: David Jefferess (Cultural Studies; English) – Colonialism and Decolonization, Human Rights Discourse, Heritage and Public Memory
  • Kyong Yoon (Cultural Studies) – Internet Culture, Cultural Industries, Asian Popular Culture
  • Ruthann Lee [On Leave] (Cultural Studies) – Media and Social Activism, Anti-Colonial Feminisms, Queer Theory
  • Maria Alexopoulos (Cultural Studies) – Cultural Studies Practices, Media and Popular Cultures
  • Cameron Crookston (Cultural Studies) – Drag, LGBTQ2+ history, Queer Popular Culture, Transgender Studies
  • Daniel Keyes (Cultural Studies; English) – Film, Television, Critical Whiteness Studies
  • Allison Hargreaves (English) – North American Indigenous Literatures
  • Melissa Jacques (English; Gender and Women’s Studies) – Literary Studies and Practices
  • Astrida Neimanis (Cultural Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies) – Feminist studies, environmental studies, everyday militarisms, interdisciplinarity, epistemologies and non-traditional research methodologies.

Faculty Who Regularly Teach Cross-Listed CULT Courses

  • Lawrence Berg (Geography) – Identity Politics, Cultural Safety, Geographies of Knowledge
  • Jodey Castricano (English) – Critical Theory, Posthumanism, Animal Studies
  • George Grinnell (English) – Critical Theory, Critical Health Studies, Punk Culture, Romanticism
  • Hussein Keshani (Art History and Visual Culture) – Visual Culture, South Asia and the Islamic World
  • Nina Langton (Japanese Studies) – Japanese Pop Culture and Language
  • Virginie Magnat (Interdisciplinary Performance) – Performance Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Experimental Ethnography, Indigenous Epistemologies and Methodologies
  • Ilya Parkins (Gender and Women’s Studies) – Feminist Cultural Theory, Fashion and Dress, Modernism
  • Jessica Stites Mor (History) – Modern Latin America, Cultural History
  • Margo Tamez (Indigenous Studies) – poetry, history, epistemology, creative & critical methodologies, social movements & transformation