Kyong Yoon


Cultural Studies, English and Cultural Studies
Other Titles: Cultural Studies
Office: CCS 175
Phone: 250.807.8897

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

Digital media, mobile communication, migration, Korean popular culture, and youth culture.

Courses & Teaching

CULT 215 Cultural Industries; CULT 312 Internet Culture; CULT 313 Transnational Asian pop culture; CULT 410 Asian cinema


Kyong Yoon is a Seoul-born media researcher. Dr. Yoon’s research focuses on digital media, migration, and youth culture. He is the author of Digital Mediascapes of Transnational Korean Youth Culture (Routledge) and Diasporic Hallyu: The Korean Wave in Korean Canadian Youth Culture (Palgrave, forthcoming). He has co-authored Transnational Hallyu: The Globalization of Korean Digital and Popular Culture (Rowman & Littlefield). Prior to coming to UBC Okanagan, he was an ESRC postdoctoral fellow at the University of Sheffield, a research assistant professor at Korea University, and a Korea Foundation visiting professor at McGill University.


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PhD University of Birmingham (UK); BA Korea University

Selected Publications & Presentations

Yoon, K. (2022, in press). Diasporic Hallyu: The Korean Wave in Korean Canadian Youth Culture. New York: Palgrave (research monograph).

Yoon, K. (2021, in press). North Korean Defectors’ Self-representation as the Politics of Refusal. Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies.

Yoon, K. (2021, in press). Diasporic Koreanness in Kim’s Convenience. In Tanter, Marcy and Park, Moisés (Eds.). Here Comes the Flood: Perspectives of Gender, Sexuality, and Stereotype in the Korean Wave. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books (book chapter).

Yoon, K. (2021). Micro-celebrities from the North: Young North Korean Defectors’ Vlogging on YouTube. First Monday, 26 (7).

Yoon, K. (2021). Discourse of the Post-COVID 19 New Deal in South Korea. East Asia: An International Quarterly.

Yoon, K. (2021). K-pop Pedagogy in the Digital Platform Era. International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics, 17(2).

Jin, D. Y., Yoon, K., and Min, W. (2021). Transnational Hallyu: The Globalization of Korean Digital and Popular Culture. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield (Research monograph).

Yoon, K. (2021). Digital Dilemmas in the (Post-)pandemic Digital State. Journal of Digital Media and Policy (formerly known as International Journal of Digital Television). 12(1): 67-80.

Yoon, K. (2020). Diasporic Korean Audiences of Hallyu in Vancouver, Canada. Korea Journal. 60 (1): 152-178.

Yoon, K., Min, W. & Jin, D. Y. (2020). Consuming the Contra-Flow of K-pop in Spain. Journal of Intercultural Studies. 41(2): 132-147.

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Yoon, K. (2017). Cultural Translation of K-Pop among Asian Canadian Fans, International Journal of Communication, 11: 2350–2366.

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Yoon, K. (2016). The Media Practice of ‘KaTalk’ in the Face of Facebook: Young Koreans’ Use of Mobile App Platforms in a Transnational Context. Critical Arts: South-North Media and Cultural Studies, 30(2): 217–232.

Jin, D. Y. & Yoon, K. (2016). The Social Mediascape of Korean Pop Culture: Hallyu 2.0 as Spreadable Media Practice. New Media & Society, 18 (7): 1277–1292.

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Yoon, K. (2014). Transnational Youth Mobility in the Neoliberal Economy of Experience. Journal of Youth Studies, 17(8):1014–1028.

Selected Grants & Awards


Academy of Korean Studies Research Grant (2021): $25,000

SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant (2020): $25,000

Academy of Korean Studies Publication Grant (2018): $12,000

Academy of Korean Studies Research Grant (2017): $20,000

Academy of Korean Studies Research Grant (2016): $15,000

SSHRC Insight Grant (2013-2015): $62,000

UBC Okanagan Internal Research Grant (2013): $5,000

Awards & Distinctions
The Ashley Prize for the best Social Sciences dissertation, University of Birmingham

Professional Services/Affiliations/Committees

Editorial board member, Asiascape: Digital Asia

Editorial board member, Pacific Affairs: An International Review of Asia and the Pacific


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