Indigenous Art Intensive

This month-long residency gathers students, artists, curators, writers and scholars to engage in contemporary ideas and discourse—a place for new ideas rooted in Indigenous art-making.

Zine making workshop

UBC Okanagan’s Indigenous Art Intensive offers an educational series of courses, lectures, art shows, and opportunities to create art. It features a series of world-renowned speakers, a variety of related undergraduate and graduate credit courses, and a group of resident artists who will be working to create a new body of work.

The 2021 Indigenous Art Intensive is being planned as an online program. Information on the visiting artists, keynote speakers and courses offered as part of the intensive are listed below.

Courses – Summer 2021

Alongside the intensive residency, FCCS is offering additional courses in visual art, creative writing, and art history. These will run in conjunction with the Indigenous Intensive with varying degrees of crossover, providing students the opportunity to connect with the keynote speakers and the resident artists. All courses are offered online in Term 1, May 10 to Jun 17, 2021.

CRWR 470 | Portfolio (online). Instructor: Kim Senklip Harvey

Intensive manuscript production in one or two major genres: fiction, poetry, drama, or creative non-fiction.

ENGL 387/CULT 350 | Indigenous Literature: Intellectual Traditions. (online) Instructor: Kerrie Charnley

Approaches to Indigenous literary and cultural studies in North America. Consideration will be given to a range of literary movements, intellectual traditions, and critical approaches.

INDG 100 | Introduction to Decolonization. (online) Instructor: Evan Habkirk

Provides students with an overview of the discipline of Indigenous studies including the history, cultures, and experiences of Indigenous people.

THTR 302 | Indigenous Performance (online). Instructor: Mariel Belanger

Indigenous performance training methods in movement, dance, singing, and storytelling that connect Indigenous Peoples to their homelands and ancestral territories. The interrelation of community, ecology, language, and culture will be explored under the expert guidance of an Indigenous instructor and the mentorship of guest Indigenous artists and Elders.

VISA 206 | Sound Art (online). Instructor: Raven Chacon

Introduction to the art of listening, acoustic communication, sound making, sound technology and interaction. The course covers the basic principles and properties of sound and its applications in digital media creation.

VISA 460/520 | Indigenous Praxis (online). Instructor: Tania Willard

Multidisciplinary seminar dealing with various approaches and issues in contemporary creative praxis as relating to the disciplines of Visual Arts, Indigenous Studies, Media Arts, Creative Writing, and Performance. Students will be expected to develop creative work and/or a written reflective text or performance.

Instructor Profiles


The program is open to UBC students, students from other universities and those who have a previous university degree.

Indigenous Art Intensive  Program

The Indigenous Art Intensive features a series of world-renowned speakers, a variety of related undergraduate and graduate credit courses, and a group of resident artists who will be working to create new works. The 2021 Intensive broadly engages the theme Site/ation, connecting to place through Indigenous territoriality, being grounded in land, voice and language, reconnecting to/nurturing traditions, and beyond.

Indigenous Art Intensive, Keynote presentations and artist panels

Visiting artists will participated in a series of keynote presentations and artist panels once a week throughout May and June. For more information on the keynote presentations, panel discussions and other events, please visit our events listings on the Intensive Blog.

Visiting Artist & Keynote Speakers


  • Elder, Richard Armstrong

    Elder Richard Armstrong, Summer Intensive 2016

  • Zine workshop, 2019

    Zine making workshop, Summer Intensive, 2019

  • WIR

    Writer in Residence, Richard Van Camp, Summer Intensive 2018

  • Woven Together

    Woven Together Artist Panel, Summer Intensive 2018