Learn a flexible and innovative approach to the theatre education and performance studies.

Theatre performance

How can Theatre courses be used?

  • Minor in Theatre
  • Electives to complement your degree

Complement your studies with a creative, practice-based, collaborative and cross-cultural education. The BA Minor in theatre is designed to complement the work being done in other programs. Students are given the opportunity to combine their academic studies with creative and practice-based contemporary performance theory and practice. Small studio classes provide an intimate, collaborative and transformative learning environment through experiential, interdisciplinary and cross-cultural curriculum.

The Minor in Theatre also offers experiential learning opportunities in non-profit cultural organizations, arts-based education, cultural outreach and community engagement, enabling students to acquire transferrable skills valued on the job market.

The option of a Minor in Theatre is open to students majoring in English, Cultural Studies, Art History and Visual Culture, Creative Writing, Psychology, Education, Health, and Management. Students in any program can take Theatre courses as electives to complement their degree.

To complete a Minor in  Theatre, students must take 6 credits in THTR courses at the 100 level; 6 credits in THTR courses at the 200 level; and 18 credits at the 300 and 400 level.