Why Study or Create Art?

Well, the best answer is: for its own sake. But some—maybe your parents, or your friends, or even just yourself—may need some convincing.

Studying the humanities and fine arts deliver the skills you will need to begin and build careers. Effective and persuasive communication. Qualitative and analytical skills. Project management. Adaptability, individual initiative. Honing creativity and trusting curiosity. Sometimes these are called the soft skills.

There is nothing soft about them. They have always been and still are highly valued assets for employers and employees alike. True, you won’t learn how to design a bridge in our programs, but you may find curious links between the humanities and engineering. Maybe you’re an engineer who has stumbled onto this page – there are courses for you in our faculty, too.

In short, increasing numbers of business leaders around the world are saying that a degree in the humanities or fine arts is a valuable and worthy personal and financial investment.

What are you good at? What are you passionate about? This is your chance to answer those questions, and have some fun along the way.

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Student and Alumni Accomplishments

Our students and alumni help us tell the story of the importance of studying in the humanities and fine arts. With the connections they make while at university, the skills they learn and experiences they have while studying, there are so many possibilities out there for them in the job market and in their lives.