Department of Creative Studies

Comprised of five distinct but interrelated bachelor program areas as well as graduate programming, this is one of the most vibrant and dynamic art departments in the country.

What we do

The Department houses programs in Creative Writing and Visual Arts with additional specialized courses in Devised Theatre and Digital Media as well as Art History and Visual Culture. Our programs are designed to offer unique and individualized opportunities for students to develop skills in a variety of media and genre while they engage in cutting edge creative arts research.

We offer a hands-on experiential learning environment where students get to develop their own individualize artistic voice. If you are interested in being at the forefront of the next generation of cultural produces nationally or internationally we encourage you to learn more about our programs and what they might offer you.

We encourage students to cross disciplines while refining their specialized practices in art history, creative writing, performance, visual art and digital media.

Programs & Study Options

Art History & Visual Culture (BA)

Explore human creativity, imagination and beauty through the arts and visual cultures of the world, past and present.

Creative Writing (BA)

Draw on the imagination to convey meaning through the use of imagery, narrative, and drama in a variety of literary forms including poetry, fiction, plays, new media, screenwriting, and non-fiction.

Media Studies (BMS)

Explore new media and internet technology, blending artistic, technical and critical-thinking skills.

Visual Arts (BFA)

Train with the next generation of artists and cultural producers. Learn in cutting-edge facilities designed for traditional and digital-studio arts courses.

Theatre (BA)

A flexible and innovative approach to theatre education and creative and practice-based contemporary performance studies.


Immerse in a dynamic, studio-based environment alongside accomplished artists and scholars guiding your focus in Creative Writing, Visual Arts or Interdisciplinary Studies.


Masters and PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies using digital technologies to explore questions central to the arts and humanities; applying arts and humanities frameworks to digital tools and technologies.

Film (BA)

Examine film and cinema from esthetic, historical, economical, sociological and technical perspectives.


Masters and PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies, work closely with faculty across a diverse set of disciplines.



Robert Belton | Art theory, criticism, and historiography, popular music

Suzanne Gott | Global arts and visual cultures, African art and visual culture

Hussein Keshani | World Art History, Art Histories of the Islamic World & South Asia, Digital Humanities, World Literatures

Term Faculty

Antonella De Michelis | Seventeenth-Century European Art in a Global Context


Anne Fleming | Fiction, poetry, children’s books, stage play and screen writing

Nancy Holmes | Fiction, Canadian Literature, eco-poetry, community based-art

Matt Rader | Poetry, short story, non-fiction, writing and community learning

Michael V. Smith | Concrete poetry, experimental film, Canadian literature, fiction and drama, poetry, screenwriting

Term Faculty

Adam Schroeder | Fiction

Laisha Rosinau | Fiction, Poetry

Ashley Little | Fiction


Neil Cadger | Object theatre, puppetry, theatrical masks, live installations, dance/theatre

Denise Kenney | Devised Theatre, Art and Social Practice, Performance Art, Community Engagement, Improvisation, Spoken Word, Live Art and Digital Media, Film, Documentary Production

Virginie Magnat | Performance Studies, Qualitative Research, World Performance Traditions


Myron Campbell | Digital Media, Drawing

Briar Craig | Printmaking, Drawing

Aleksandra Dulic | New media, video, drawing 2D

Renay Egami | Sculpture, installation

Samuel Roy-Bois | Sculpture, installation

Miles Thorogood | Digital Media

Tania Willard | Visual Strategies and Research, Indigenous Land Art, Contemporary Indigenous Art

Term Faculty

Patrick Lundeen | Drawing

Katherine Pickering | Painting, drawing

Andreas Rutkauskas | Photography

Administrative Office

Denise Kenney

Denise Kenney
Department Head, Creative Studies
Professor, Theatre, Film
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Carla Whitten
Department Assistant, Events coordinator
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Joanne Gervais
Media Technician
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Simmone Kessler
Assistant to the Department Head
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Jacob Mintzler

Jacob Mintzler
Studio Technician
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Philip Wyness
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