Miles Thorogood, PhD

Assistant Professor

Creative Studies, Media Studies, Visual Arts
Office: CCS 363
Phone: 250.807.9266

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

Music Information Retrieval, Interactive Sound Art, Sound Design, Task Analysis, Machine Learning

Courses & Teaching

Media Studies; Computer Science


Miles Thorogood Research Gate Profile

Research Interests & Projects

Miles Thorogood is an artist/engineer at the University of British Columbia with research in the practice and theory of sound design and interactive digital art. His research seeks to identify formal models of creativity as it is by investigating aspects of human perception and design process in order to encode creative structures for computer-assisted technologies in art-making environments. Miles specializes in quantitative and qualitative methods from Music Information Retrieval, Human Computer Interaction, and Artificial Intelligence toward cutting edge research in the development of novel computational models and systems for artistic creation. Research contributions include new knowledge in the fields of soundscape studies, affective computing, music information retrieval, and media arts. The research has been featured as interactive museum exhibits, installations, and performances. The interactive installation and performance works frame the research in creative practice that brings meaningful contexts of experience and environment to the foreground using algorithmic processes combining art-making, audio and visual media, databases, artificial intelligence, and physical and network computing.


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