Shawn Serfas, MFA

Department Head, Associate Professor

Creative Studies, Visual Arts
Office: CCS 153

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

Contemporary Painting, Drawing and Printmaking practices; Environmental Sciences; Landscape pictorial conventions and issues bordering Relational Abstraction and Representation; Collaboration and interdisciplinary research methods; Religion; Chaos theory and anti-aesthetic theory

Courses & Teaching

All levels of Painting, Drawing, Printmaking (lithography, etching and relief processes); 2-D/3-D Design theory; studio theory; advanced seminar and research practices


Shawn is an Associate Professor of Visual Art, Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies at the University of British Columbia. Although initially drawn to an academic career in the environmental sciences, he pursued Fine Arts and Art History degrees in Saskatchewan as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree in Alberta. He has taught for the University of Alberta and Brock University. His research interests include contemporary painting, drawing and printmaking practices concerning relational abstraction, environmental aesthetics, religion, the landscape as well as issues bordering abstraction and representation.



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