David Doody, MFA


Creative Studies, Visual Arts
Office: FIP 319
Email: david.doody@ubc.ca

Research Summary

Contemporary sculpture practice;

Courses & Teaching

VISA 102/VISA 103 Drawing and Two-Dimensional Art Practices; VISA 322M/322N Advanced Practice in Sculpture; VISA 460k Community Art Practices, VISA 289 Advanced Drawing Practices; VISA 104/ VISA 105 Intro Sculpture



Teaching Dossier

Muraling Instructor. UBC Okanagan, Special Topics 460k . July – Aug 2020

Drawing and Painting Instructor. UBC Okanagan, Intro 2d Practices VISA 103. Sept 2019- April 2020

Sculpture Instructor.  UBC Okanagan, Advanced Sculpture VISA 322. Sept 2019- April 2020

Sculpture Instructor. James Bay School, Cree Nation of Chisasibi, James Bay, QC. Oct-Dec 2018.

Sculpture Instructor. Voyageur Memorial, Cree Nation of Misstissini, QC. Feb-Apr 2019.

Sculpture Instructor. Concordia University, Sculpture 210 – Fall 2016 Winter 2017.

Teaching Assistant. Concordia University, Urban Clay with Linda Swanson, Winter 2016.

Teaching Assistant. Concordia University, Digital Sculpture with Erwin Regler, Fall 2015.

Teaching Assistant. Concordia University, Sculpture 210 with Eva Brandle, Fall 2014.

Art Educator. Traveling Lecturer and Guest Speaker, Golden Artists Colors NYC. Canada and USA, 2009-14.

Arts Instructor. Painting, Drawing and Clay Sculpture Vancouver Arts Umbrella. Vancouver BC, 2010-14

Master Instructor, PADI. Grand Cayman1998, Vancouver 1999, Cairns Australia 2000.


BFA UBCO 2008; MFA Concordia 2017

Research Interests & Projects

My thesis research examines the imposition of image and the weight of digital ephemerality on contemporary sculpture. In digital visual language the action commands of Copy, Cut and Paste represent the most basic tool set of image production. These simple modes of making simultaneously reflect and project our cosmopolitan moment; a moment where disparate realities, histories and contexts are forced to collide and congeal.

I am interested the “culture of the copy” as a vehicle for exploring the migration of contemporary culture and imagination into the realm of the virtual. This series focuses on an authentic copy of an original Greek marble, subverting the stasis of a timeless Original in favour of a vibrant swarm of colourful simulacra. Through a cut/copy/paste/mashup of objects like images, I sample and recreate the transient “poor images” of the screen and transform them into tactile material objects. I want to stress the transformation process to create partial, incomplete representations and broken truths that are symbolic of the partial presence and participation of the digital divide.

My current project explores contemporary sculpture practice in relation to the digital turn; examining the threshold of the virtual and the real, between image and materiality. I am focused on the internal tensions of contemporary sculpture at the intersection of object, image and screen. Topics at the heart my research include: How does recent sculpture negotiate and respond to the digital divide? To what extent can sculpture resist, reflect or embody the age of the image explosion?  How does contemporary sculpture straddle the distance between the Copy while celebrating the aura of an authentic Original?

Selected Grants & Awards

Ville des Montreal Permanent Public Sculpture Competition April 2019

Canada Council for the Arts, Research and Development Grant. Caracol Symbolism. Montreal QC, 2017-2018.

First Capital Reality Graduate Scholarship, April 2015.

British Columbia Arts Council, Scholarship Aug 2013.

Dean’s List, Capilano University Dec 2012-13.

International Artist Fellowship, San Francisco Art Institute 2010.

Helen Pitt Award, for outstanding achievement in the visual arts (UBC), 2008.

Deputy Vice Chancellor Purchase Award, UBC Permanent collection, 2008.


Solo Exhibitions:

Electric Sleep, Vernon Public Art gallery, Vernon BC, Oct-Dec 2020.

Pool, Chromatic Festival, Ecole Des Beaux Arts Montreal QC, May 2018.

Point Blank, Thesis Exhibition, New City Gas Lofts Montreal QC, Oct 2017.

Constant Reminders, Herman & Audrey, Toronto International Film Festival. Toronto Sept 2016.

Strange Love, CIRCA Pop Up Gallery, Montreal QC, Aug. 2015.

Hallow Harbor, Alternator Gallery. Kelowna BC, July-Au., 2015.

The WW2, Interurban Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Oct. 2013.

The Wearing Want, Good Luck Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Oct. 2012.

And All the Queen’s Men, Solo show, Latitude 53, Edmonton, AB, July-Sept. 2012.

Side Saddle, Campbell River Public Gallery, Campbell River, BC, Aug. 2012.

At Odds, Inter-Urban Gallery, Vancouver, BC, May. 2012.

Trucks and Trannies, GTTP, Vancouver, BC, Aug. 2011.

Group Exhibitions:

Couture de Montreal, Muse Des Beaux Artes, Montreal QC, Jan-Sept 2019.

Passage , Gallery COA, Montreal QC, Oct-Nov 2018.

#WIP , Mural Festival, Montreal QC, June-July 2018.

Parallel, Le Roche Joncas Gallery, Montreal QC, July. 2016.

SMASH, the Gardiner Museum, Toronto Ont. June 2016.

Chromatic Traveling selection, Herman & Audrey, Toronto ON, June 2016.

Chromatic, Massive Art, Montreal QC, June 2016.

The Furniture We Are Forever Rearranging 2, Art Helix, Brooklyn NY, June 2016.

MAUREEN, MFA Collective, Ecole Des Beaux Arts, Montreal QC, May 2016.

MTL ZOO, Art Gang Gallery, Montreal QC, May. 2016.

The Furniture We Are Forever Rearranging, Grey Nuns, Montreal QC, Feb. 2016.

Fresh Paint New Construction, Art Mur, Montreal QC, Aug. 2015.

Chromatic, Montreal QC, May 2015.

Mtl ZOO, View Montreal. Montreal QC, Feb 2015.

Massive X, Art Gallery of Ontario. Toronto ON, April 2014.

Curiouser & Curiouser, JAANG Gallery. Sarnia ON, Feb-Apr. 2014.

SPREAD, Chapel Arts Vancouver, BC, June 2010.

Fandango, Truck Gallery. Calgary, AB, 2010.

Cabin(et ), Vernon Public Gallery, Vernon, BC, Oct. 2008.

The Coming Night, Gallery Vertigo. Vernon, BC, Sept. 2008.

Orrinthaller & the Apnea of Speech. Alternator Gallery for Contemporary Art, Kelowna, BC, Aug. 2008.

Tales Untold, Vernon Public Gallery, Vernon, BC, March 2008.

DUO TONE 1-8, Emerging Arts Festival, Group show, Kelowna, BC, Aug. 2001-08.

Public Works:

City of Kelowna, Mural commission, 158 Valley View rd, Kelowna BC, May 2019.

City of Montreal, Permanent Public Sculpture, Rue Berri & Rue Ontario. Installation April 2019.

Quartier des Spectacles Montreal, Street Mural Intervention. 6 locations in the QDS Montreal, June 2019-June 2021.

City of Kelowna, Mural commission, Kelowna Public Art Gallery. Kelowna BC, July 2010.

Corporate Commissions:

KEY BAR, Mural commission, Vancouver BC, Oct 2018.

IBM Montreal, Mural commission, Montreal QC, December 2016.

We Work, Mural commission, Montreal QC, November 2016.

Osheaga Festival, commission and public installation, Osheaga Music, Montreal QC, July 2016.

62 Nortre Dame St W, Brule Contracting, Montreal QC, June 2016.

MURAL Festival, Sculpture commission, Montreal QC, June 2015.

Light Speed Technologies, Montreal, Interactive Sculpture commission, Montreal QC, April 2015.

MUVI, Montreal Music Video Awards, Awards Sculpture, NOMAD Nation, Montreal QC, Nov. 2014.

The Narrow Lounge, Mural commission, Vancouver BC, July 2013.

Earls Food Group, Olympic Branding, Sculptural commission, Vancouver BC, 2010.

Design and Applied Arts Experience:

Artistic Director & Curator. Uptown Mural Project. URBA Kelowna BC, 2020.

Artistic Director & Curator. Uptown Mural Project. URBA Kelowna BC, 2019.

Guest Artist & Graphic Designer. MassivArt, Montreal QC, 2016-19.

Interior Designer & Muralist. The Key Bar, Vancouver BC, Dec-Jan 2019.

Muralist. Cyrcle Mural, Lune Rouge Montreal QC, May 2018.

Graphic Designer & Artistic Director. Caracol Symbolism. Indicia Records Montreal QC, 2017-2018.

Guest Artist & Textile Designer. Nathon Kong Tailoring, Montreal QC, 2017-19.

Guest Artist & Brand Designer. Kitsch Wines, Kelowna BC, 2016-18.

Sculptor & Mold Maker. IATSE Union #891, Night at the Museum 3, Burnaby BC, Nov 2013-14.

Scenic Painter & Interior Design. The Emerald Cabaret. Vancouver BC, Fall 2013.

Scenic Painter & Brand Designer. COG Festival. Kelowna BC, July 2010- 2013.

Visual Art Director. Keloha, Indy Music Festival. Kelowna BC, July 2013.

Costume & Prop Designer. Eyes Wide Shut, Global Restaurant Group. Vancouver BC, Sept. 2012.

Set Decorator. Capital One, TV Commercial, Filmgroup. Surrey BC, Sept. 2012.

Set Decorator. Christmas Lodge, Movie of the week, Filmgroup. Langley BC, Sept. 2012.

Interior Design & Muralist. The Rumpus Room, Vancouver BC, 2011.

Props and Set Designer. Reace the Series, Chad K Productions. Burnaby BC, Fall 2010.

Production Designer. Inner Fish, Theatre Remains. Kelowna, Aug. 2009 – Vancouver Dec. 2009.


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