Explore Japanese literature, film, or popular culture in English, or learn how to express yourself in Japanese while you fulfill you language requirement.

How can Japanese courses be used? 

  • Electives to complement your degree
  • Fulfilling your language requirement
  • Selected culture courses can be used as requirements for Cultural Studies (BA)

Japanese Studies (JPST) courses can open your world to a whole new perspective.

Japanese Language Japanese Language

JPST language classes are full of in-class activities that develop essential speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. Many classes include online language exchange with native speakers or other learners of Japanese, and all classes include online practice and exercises for independent study.

Japanese Culture Japanese Culture

Taught in English, JPST culture courses use the analysis of anime, food culture, manga, modern literature, TV dramas, video games and visual culture to develop skills in critical thinking and writing. Selected courses are cross-listed and will meet requirements for a BA in Cultural Studies.