Digital Humanities

Focus on the conceptualization, production and communication of humanities research in a digital context.

How can Digital Humanities Courses courses be used?

  • Electives to complement your degree
  • Combine critical thinking with technology
  • Required courses for the Bachelor of Media  Studies

Courses in digital humanities concentrate on digital editions, programming in our everyday lives, how technology shapes the world around us, and new and old technologies.

Students can learn how to create, research and analyze data from a humanities perspective, to create and study digital objects or data visualizations, or to explore new methods for exploring the archives across media forms.

Find how digital media can help us study culture, literature, movement, architecture, or sound. Discover how we can use technology to ask questions about what it means to be human.

FCCS is home to the AMP Lab, which houses projects related to archives, media, and poetry. Other faculty interests include: sound, performance, and poetry; social networks for studying historical feminist communities; data, archives, and human movement; television and new media; architecture and digital critical editions.