Marianne Legault, PhD

( She, her, hers / elle)

Associate Professor

French, Languages and World Literatures
On Leave Until: December 31, 2024
Other Titles: French
Office: CCS 375
Phone: 250.807.9381

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

17th & 18th Century French Literature and Cultural History; Women’s literary production; Fairy Tales; Drama; Gender and Queer Studies in Early Modern France

Courses & Teaching

French Language; French Literature (17th & 18th Centuries); Fairy Tales; Comedies; Epistolary Novels


Dr. Marianne Legault was born and raised in Montreal. She completed her PhD in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia in 2004. She currently teaches seventeenth and eighteenth century French literature in the Department of Languages and Wold Literatures. Her research areas include women’s literary production in seventeenth and eighteenth century France, as well as novels, fairy tales, and drama.


PhD , University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 2004.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Refereed Articles

“Le Mentorat féminin dans les contes de fées: De ruses en ruses.” Maître-disciple : Une relation topique, in Topique, Études satoriennes.  Eds. Madeleine Jay, Véronique Duché, et Yen-Mai Tran Gervat.  VOL. 4 (2018).  1-19

“What do you see? Helping students understand seventeenth-century Baroque and Classical literary aesthetics”, OWILT (2014), UBCWPL 041. Eds: Erin Guntly, Zoe Lam, Andrei Anghelescu, and Natalie Weber. 2015. 1-10.

“De-Sexing the Lesbian: Isaac de Benserade’s Narrative Quest,” in Developments in the Histories of Sexualities: In Search of the Normal, 1600-1800. Ed. Chris Mounsey. Lewisburg: Buknell University Press: 2013. 71-90.

“Malhonnêtes Femmes? Women Performing Same-Sex Friendship in 17th-century France.” Peer-reviewed proceedings of the Western Society for French History, Québec City, November 2008. Eds. Donna F. Ryan and April G. Shelford. Ann Arbor, Michigan: Scholarly Publishing Office, University of Michigan University Library. (October 2009), 36, 37-51.

“Iphis & Iante : traumatisme de l’incomplétude lesbienne au Grand Siècle”. Dalhousie French Studies. (December 2007) 81, 83-93.


“Hideous and Mutilated: The Wedded Body in Seventeenth-Century French Fairy Tales.” Chapter in Bodies of Information: Reading the VariAble Body from Roman Britain to Hip Hop. Eds. C. Mounsey and Stan Booth.  New York: Routledge University Press, 2019.  62-74.

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