Cynthia Hernandez Garcia, MAppLing


Languages and World Literatures, Spanish
Office: CCS 340

Courses & Teaching

Beginners’ Spanish I and II (SPAN 101, 102); Advanced Beginners’ Spanish I and II (SPAN 201, 202); Intermediate Spanish I and II (SPAN 301, 302)


Cynthia Hernández Garcia is a Spanish Lecturer in the Department of Languages and World Literatures at UBCO where she has taught since 2019. She teaches courses on Spanish language, and she is also the coordinator of first year Spanish courses. Within the community, Cynthia is the founder and active member of the Okanagan Mexican Folklore Dance Group. This dancing group promotes the Mexican culture in Kelowna and in the Okanagan region through folklore dancing and the Spanish language.


Master of Applied Linguistics, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
DELE accreditation for A1, A2, B1 and B2
Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate Program (TESL)
Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, Okanagan College


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