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Incoming Masters of Arts in English student, Jessica Beaudin

Student Profile: Jessica Beaudin

Incoming Masters of Arts in English student talks about her research plans during her degree at UBCO.

Why we capitalize the ‘I’ in Indigenous

Presentation resources from a talk given by Dr. Kerrie Charnley

Rachel Stubbs during her thesis defence in 2020

Examining Harry Potter as a serious contribution to contemporary children’s literature

Recent graduate Rachel Stubbs talks about her thesis and experience at UBCO as an Masters of Arts in English student.

Faculty Spotlight: Kerrie Charnley

Faculty Spotlight: Kerrie Charnley

New professors research focuses on the land centered, holistic and multi-modal aspects of lndigenous Peoples’ literacies and epistemologies, pedagogies, and educational programming.

Faculty Spotlight: Oliver Lovesey

Faculty Spotlight: Oliver Lovesey

“I try to introduce the broad range of these subjects, to connect the material to our chaotic world, to focus on essay writing, and to engage with what students find useful, interesting, and relatable.”