Graduate Student Research Award



April 15th / August 15th / December 1st

Award Value: $1000 x 9
Degree Level: Graduate
Award Status: Open


The FCCS Graduate Research Award supports the production and dissemination of graduate student research and knowledge creation (i.e. creative arts) activities. Students may use this grant to research, prepare or publicly present scholarly or artistic work (e.g. a conference paper, a paper for publication, creative work, or the thesis itself.) The award is meant to encourage graduate students in FCCS (IGS MA, IGS PhD, MFA, or MA in English) to attend conferences to present original research/ creation, to complete research activities for the student’s thesis, or to prepare research/ creative work for publication or exhibition. The award is meant to provide students with the opportunity to develop their academic or artistic careers, to position students to be successful in future funding opportunities, and to disseminate to academic audiences or other communities the work our students are doing.

Application Deadlines
April 15th for research / creative activity / travel between May 1 – August 31
August 15th for research/ creative activity / travel between September 1 – December 31
December 1st for research/ creative activity / travel between January 1 – April 30