Graduate Student Research Award




Award Value: $1000
Degree Level: Graduate
Award Status: Open


The FCCS Graduate Research Award supports the production and dissemination of graduate student research and knowledge creation (i.e. creative arts) activities. Students may use this grant to undertake external training that is not available at UBC Okanagan (e.g. Digital Humanities Summer Institute), carry out research, or present scholarly or artistic work.

This award is available to all students supervised in FCCS (MA English, MFA, IGS). Students may receive an FCCS Graduate Research Award once during their program.

To access the funds, graduate students should first agree with their supervisor how best to spend the $1000 award. Then the supervisor requests a dedicated research account to be set up (using an RPIF), through the FCCS Graduate Program Support. Once the account is created the student can recoup research expenses from it up to the value of the award. The research funds must be spent before March 31, 2025.

Funding can be used for, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Travel to a conference, workshop, retreat, residency, external training course, site of research, archive, or presentation (registration fees, air or ground travel, meals)
  • Art materials and supplies, permission fees, printing, packaging, production, documentation expenses
  • Other research expenses clearly related to dissemination, research, or creation

Non-eligible expenses:

  • Equipment already available through the Faculty (e.g. computers, software, recording equipment, visual art equipment such as cameras, printers, woodshop and metalshop equipment).
  • Tuition fees for UBC Okanagan courses
  • External training courses that duplicate training available at UBC Okanagan.

Steps to receive the award:

  • Receive pre-approval from your supervisor to use the funds (email confirmation)
  • Supervisor completes the RPIF to set up a $1000 research account in their own name. (Students cannot be budget holders.)
  • Supervisor sends RPIF to FCCS Graduate Program Assistant to forward to ORS.
  • If the supervisor has more than one graduate student, the supervisor must take note of which Research Project Budget (RPB, sent out by ORS) pertains to which student.
  • Student submits eligible expenses through Workday for supervisor approval.

Grant Information Form (GIF)

Research Project Information Form (RPIF)