BFA Course Planning

Course Planning

The Bachelor of Fine Arts offers courses at all four undergraduate levels. This program has a standard timetable in year one, and significant flexibility in the upper years, allowing students to concentrate on a particular medium.

In order to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts, students need to complete 102 required credits,  and 24 elective credits for a total of 126 credits for the program.

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Year 1

The first year of the program is a ‘foundation’ year where all students end up with the same basic experience. Students take core courses in drawing, painting, sculpture, art history and digital media. It is important to note that many studio courses first year courses are pre-requisites for year 2, so ensure that you have the correct courses and credits to move forward in the degree.

 Year One

  • VISA 102: Drawing and Two-Dimensional Art Practices I
  • VISA 104: Three-Dimensional Art Practices I
  • Visual Arts 106: Introduction to Digital Media I
  • Art History 101: Art and Visual Cultures of the World I
  • First Year English requirement
  • CCS 150: Creative and Critical Art Theory I
  • Visual Arts 090 (safety training – meets one time for four hours)
  • Visual Arts 103: Drawing and Two-Dimensional Art Practices II
  • Visual Arts 105: Three-Dimensional Art Practices II
  • Visual Arts 108: Introduction to Digital Media II
  • Art History 102: Art and Visual Cultures of the World II
  • First Year English requirement or First year Creative Writing requirement

Year 2

Students choose three media areas to study within – choices include: Painting, Screen Printing, Sculpture, Photography, Printmaking (includes Etching and Lithography, and Linocut and Letterpress), Video, Drawing, and Digital Art (includes:  Sound Art, 2D Animation, Visual Communication, Virtual Words)

Sample Year Two

  • VISA 215: Painting I
  • VISA 233: Screen Printing I
  • VISA 244 : Photography I
  • Art History 202: The Critical Viewer
  • 3 credits of 100 or 200-level THTR courses
  • VISA 225: Painting II
  • VISA 266: 2D Animation
  • VISA 256: Photography II
  • Art History 203: Global  Contemporary Art
  • CCS 250: Creative and Critical Art Theory II
  • Elective

Years Three and Four

In  years three and fours, students choose two media areas to continue at the Advanced level.

Students must also achieve a combined minimum grade average of 68% in all required upper-level ARTH and VISA courses to fulfill their graduation requirements.

Sample Year Three

  • VISA 312: Advanced Practice in Painting
  • VISA 382: Advanced Practices in Media Arts
  • Art History 301: Critical Viewing Advanced Studies
  • Elective
  • Elective
  • VISA 312: Advanced Practices in Painting
  • FILM 303: Narrative Film Production
  • Art History 3- or 400-level
  • Elective
  • Elective

Sample Year Four

  • VISA 482 : Advanced Art Practices I
  • VISA 382: Advanced Practices in Media Arts
  • Art History 3- or 400-level
  • Elective
  • VISA 483: Advanced Art Practices II
  • VISA 312: Advanced Painting
  • Art History 3- or 400-level
  • Elective

Note: The above courses are samples only, we recommend you meet with an advisor or program coordinator to decide which specific courses or electives you take in each term, as there are many choices available.

It is possible to attend the BFA program part time and with a lower yearly workload, however you must contact the program advisor to consult about the best ways to complete a part time degree. Taking the program through a lower workload will extend the duration of the program beyond the standard four years.

Minor in Art History and Visual Culture

To complete a Minor in Art History and Visual Culture, students must accumulate no fewer than 30 credits and no more than 42 credits in Art History and Visual Culture, and at least 18 of these credits must be numbered 300 or above. the required ARTH courses for the BFA count toward the minor. Contact the BFA program coordinator or an academic advisor to learn more.

Academic Advisor

In FCCS, we have a dedicated advisor for the programs and degrees that we offer.

Jessica Beck
Academic Advising, UNC 207D
250.807.9214 or 1.866.596.0767

The Academic Advising office also has a number of knowledgeable and helpful staff to assist you with all of your questions about your degree.

Visual Arts Program Coordinator

Myron Campbell
Associate Professor of Teaching, Visual Arts